12 Ramadhan Recipes for your Buka Puasa Feast

12 Ramadhan Recipes for your Buka Puasa Feast

These easy stay-at-home recipes are perfect for Ramadhan

If you’re like us, then you’re probably pretty bummed that all bazaar Ramadhans this year are cancelled.

We totally understand that disappointment, but that doesn’t mean we have to miss out completely on the festivities. We can always make-do with what we have. It ain’t the same as being there for yourself, but if you are craving for certain bazaar food, then resorting to your own kitchen is an option.

Here are 12 easy Ramadhan recipes you can cook when you buka puasa!

And don’t worry, you won’t need 5-star culinary skills or state-of-the-art kitchen facilities. The most important ingredient in all this is a craving that needs fixing.


Ayam Percik

Oh yes, you can smell this a mile away from the bazaar. A buka puasa feast without the gloorrrious Ayam Percik is incomplete. Thankfully, it’s also very do-able from your own kitchen.


Roti John

It’s probably the first food that comes to mind when someone thinks of bazaar Ramadhan. Siapa tu John? Not that it matters. Just as long as we can make one for ourselves thanks to this simple recipe.



Some call it samosas, others call it triangle karipaps. Whatever you want to call it, we can all agree on one thing: it’s so, SO DELICIOUS.


Rendang Ayam

This classic Malaysian dish is so good you can’t spell it without ‘Dangggg…’ Get it? Uhh, nevermine. Here’s the non-crispy way of making RenDANG Ayam.


Murtabak Maggi

We wanted a murtabak recipe at first, but to do that you will knead to know how to need the dough, and we doughn’t know how to do that. What we do know is that you’ll have plenty of Maggi stocked at home, and that’s really all you need for Murtabak Maggi.


Nasi Tomato

Rice is highly essential in keeping your body nourished with carbs and your tummy full for longer periods through the night. This Nasi Tomato recipe is simple but no less flavourful.


Nasi Arab

Another staple in almost every bazaar Ramadan, which you can learn to make within 3 minutes and 25 secs! Spoiler alert: it tastes as good as it looks.


Ayam Masak Merah

What’s Buka Puasa without some Ayam Masak Merah? Tomatoes, chillies, onions, and of course a heap of tender chicken, this is  the perfect combination of sweet and spicy that’ll have you red-dy for more.


Roti Jala

Till today, it’s kinda hard to describe what Roti Jala is. Is it popiah? Is it yellow kuih ketayap…? Tak tahu la. If sedap, makan je lah. Here’s the recipe for you to enjoy.



You can’t forget bout dessert!! The classic onde-onde is tasty all year round, but especially sweet when you’ve been fasting the whole day, am I right?


Agar-agar Oreo Milo

As Malaysians, we’re all about diversity. Diverse races, diverse cultures, diverse religions, and diverse Agar-agar. It’s inevitable that someone would combine 2 of Malaysia’s most loved brands – Oreos and Milo – into Agar-agar. This is one we know you’ll enjoy.

Kuih Tepung Pelita

Santan sweetness in bite-sized goodness: that’s how we’d describe Kuih Tepung Pelita. Don’t worry if you don’t have the pandan leaves to wrap the kuih, as this recipe shows, mini plastic cups will do too!


We hope you had fun making some of these recipes we’ve curated for you! Of course, we’re no chefs so we are mega thankful for these innovative videos to guide us through.

But…if you’re looking for an easier way, you can always order from WonderBazaar!! Our e-bazaar initiative connects bazaar vendors and restaurant owners to you, so you can have your favourite bazaar food delivered right to you!

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