4 amazingly affordable nature experiences in Kuala Selangor

Put on your masks and grab your sanitizer for a weekend trip to Kuala Selangor!

Looking forward to spending a little time away from endless traffic jams and crowds? While waiting for interstate borders to reopen, there’s plenty for Klang Valley folks to see and experience right in Selangor!

Just an hour’s drive from KL city center lies the picturesque town of Kuala Selangor. Not only is it known for some of the freshest seafood to hit your tastebuds, there’s also a whole host of amazing nature experiences not to be missed!


Sky Mirror Tour

A true hidden gem of Kuala Selangor, Sky Mirror is an amazing “secret island” that is hidden underwater during high tide!

The magic happens during low tide, when shallow water covers the entire “island” and forms perfect reflections and illusions of scale, making it a photographer’s paradise.

Due to only being available during low tide, visitors will need to time their visit perfectly, as it is only accessible for about an hour a day. Do check out the departure timetable here and plan your trip accordingly.

Experience Sky Mirror for only RM80 RM79!


Eagle Tour

If you’ve only ever seen real life eagles through a cage at the zoo, you won’t want to miss this!

Kuala Selangor is home to over 200 eagles that nest along the banks of the Selangor River. On this 45-minute tour, visitors will witness the spectacle of dozens of eagles hovering in the sky and swooping down into the river to catch food thrown by guides.

The action happens within a split second, so don’t take your eyes off the sky and make sure your cameras are ready!

Experience Eagle Tour  for only RM25 RM24!


Blue Tears Tour

You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a fairy land with glowing waters when on the blue tears tour!

This magic in the waters of the Selangor River is actually a kind of microorganism called dinoflagellate, which will glow in bright blue whenever it is stressed.

The best time to view this natural wonder is at every beginning and end of a lunar month, where the tide is high and the sky is completely dark. Be prepared though, this phenomenon is not easily photographed, so you might need to take lots of mental pictures instead.

Experience Blue Tears Tour  for only RM25 RM24!


Firefly Tour

Last but certainly not least, are the famous fireflies of Kuala Selangor!

One of the area’s most famous attractions, hop on a speed boat to witness millions of beautiful fireflies flashing in synchrony. The boat will bring you close to the insects themselves – if you’re lucky, a few may land on your boat!

Found on the mangrove trees along the Selangor River, this is known to be one of the largest firefly colonies in the world.

Experience Firefly Tour  for only RM15 RM14!

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