5 delicious Kuih Raya recipes everyone can make

5 delicious Kuih Raya recipes everyone can make

What’s Raya without Almond London and Cornflake Madu?

Ramadan is finally OVER and you can finally feast to your heart’s content. A month long period of fasting is rewarded with servings after servings of rendang, lemang, lontong, satay, nasi impit – you name it. It doesn’t stop there. In between our big family juadah, comes the lovely assortment of kuih raya like kuih semperit, kek batik, tart nenas, and the like.

We all know that at Hari Raya, the eating never stops. The best part is, you don’t have to feel guilty at all. Remember how the famous Suasana Hari Raya goes…

Kuih dan muih beranika macam
Makanlah jangan hanya di pandang

We absolutely love how this song encourages us to eat (how many songs do that?). Take it from Anuar Zain and Ellina guys, they know what they’re talking about.

If you’re anything like us, then you’ll have a ball of a time eating, eating, eating. However, if you’re feeling more of the Raya goodwill and would like to contribute your share to the biskut and kuihs, then here are some kuih Raya recipes you should try your hand at.

Don’t worry about having non-existent baking skills, these recipes aren’t too complicated and are fairly easy to follow even for a clueless potato like myself.


Biskut Almond London

One of the biggest mysteries in life is wondering where the ‘London’ part comes from. Who knows? What’s for sure is that almost every household has tub-loads of these chocolate indulgences. Kalau sudah habistak apa. Now you can make your own to share with your family. Or just yourself, suka hati lu.


Biskut Cornflake Madu

Here’s another top hit for Raya. Biskut Cornflake Madu is always a huge snack favourite for the festivities…and the only time many of us would consider eating cornflakes. Who wouldn’t when it’s coated with honey? Oh, and honey is just 1 out of the 4 ingredients needed, the other 3 are cornflakes (duh!), butter, and sugar.

You probably have all these sitting on the shelf somewhere in the kitchen. Now, just follow Che Nom’s detailed instructions and there you have it, diabetes! Biskut Cornflake Madu! 


Kuih Semperit

Kuih Semperit is what you are: beautiful on the inside, and the outside. At Raya, you’re definitely gonna catch everyone’s attention. 😉 Okay enough enough. I think you might have diabetes already.

Serious though, kuih semperit is probably the most eye-catching kuihs of the kuih raya collection. Also aptly named as Kuih Dahlia, you can’t go wrong having jars of these in the house for guests to munch on.


Tart Nenas

If you’ve somehow allowed yourself to feel even a tinge of guilt, then just pop in some fruits. By fruits, we mean pineapple tarts. It’s definitely not the best thing to be eating if you’re on a diet, but diets don’t exist during Raya so just go crazy.

A word of warning: once you get comfortable with this recipe you’ll want to make them again, and again, and again. Even when it’s not the festive season. With great power comes great responsibility, I guess.


Biskut Chocolate Chip

A traditional celebration calls for classic treats, and hardly anything is as classic as a good ol’ chocolate chip. Whether it’s for Christmas, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, or Hari Raya, the chocolate chip cookie is a universal delight enjoyed timelessly by everyone.

Instead of buying these for exorbitant prices at fancy shmancy cookie outlets, you can make them yourself at home! You’ll be saving heck loads of cash, plus you’ll be able to brag about it to your ayah dan ibu mentua. 

Get this kuih raya recipes down and you’re all set for Hari Raya!

All of us at Wonderfly would like to wish all of you celebrating a Selamat Hari Raya! We hope that regardless of the current situation, you will still have a fulfilling and wholesome Hari Raya with your loved ones. 

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