5 reasons why Malaysia is the best country to plan staycations

5 reasons why Malaysia is the best country to plan staycations

Cuti-cuti Malaysia is still on the cards, guys!

Being too broke to fly overseas or not having enough annual leaves for a week-long vacay can be a bummer. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have epic holidays in your own country, setuju tak?

Malaysians are pretty blessed with the variety of cuti spots we can pick from. Think about it. We have destinations for every type of holiday we could possibly crave for.

Beach holidays and diving locations in Terengganu.
Metropolitan cities for the modern urban getaway.
Trekking adventures across Taman Negara and Mount Kinabalu.

The list goes on. Once we remove the notion that you are only a ‘traveller’ if you explore countries outside Malaysia, you’ll find the many hidden gems that make our country beautiful.

If you need more reasons to convince you for a local holiday, here’s another 5 reasons why Malaysia is the best country for a staycation!


1) Public holidays and long weekends almost every month!

Don’t need to look too far for long weekends! Public holidays are abundant every year so it’s only inevitable that some of them would land on a Monday or Friday. This means you can save your annual leaves and use it to plan for another vacation, hooray!

The best part about a local staycation is that you are always within a drive or a short flight away. No need for layovers and exhausting jet lags, nor worrying about where you left your passport.

A simple 2 day 1 night, or 3 day 2 nights road trip is enough for a memorable vacation.  After all, it’s not so much the destination but the people we’re surrounded with, isn’t it? (Though a fancy villa with a private swimming pool is still always nice).


2) Our variety of staycations can be mainstream, or exotic

Laguna Redang Resort

Malaysia’s blend of modernity and lush natural landscape gives us the best of both worlds.

For travellers seeking new cities to roam, we’ve got plenty of mainstream accommodations tucked conveniently at city centres. Many of these will also be around popular attractions such as theme parks, museums, wildlife sanctuaries or shopping malls. Lookout for accommodations that will lump these attractions into a package deal to really get your money’s worth in the city.

If metallic city buildings aren’t really your thing and you’re hoping for a more get-back-to-nature experience, then an exotic staycation in a secluded villa will do the trick. If you don’t fancy secluded villas, then why not try glamping? If you haven’t heard of glamping, then read more about it here and why you should give it a go!


3) Good food is everywhere (every state a treat to savour)

In terms of food, a local staycation to another state is a win-win situation. I mean, as Malaysians it’s in our blood to go out of the way to jalan-jalan cari makan, kan? And there’s hardly a better way to do that than with a foodie trip across states!

There are only 2 outcomes in a local staycation centred around food. The first, is that you get to eat your favourite meal again (like cendol hopping in Penang or sate celup in Melaka!). The second is that you get to try delicacies that are entirely new. Yes, even if you are born and bred Malaysians, we’re pretty sure you haven’t tried everything yet. Maybe you’re missing out on Kelantan’s ketupat sotong or Sarawak’s ulat sago?


4) We have the finest and most luxurious staycation accommodations

Anantara Desaru Coast

Classy hotels, beachfront resorts, ocean glamping sites, and even a little bit of Bali. We don’t fall short on options when it comes to luxurious staycations.

Sure, they may be a little draining on the wallet, but it’s definitely a price worth paying in exchange for a peace of mind and top grade hospitality.

If you’re a golfer, you should check out our range of staycations in Desaru Coast, Johor. Our hotel packages at the Hard Rock Hotel, Westin Desaru Coast Resort, and Anantara Desaru Coast Resort & Villas includes unlimited access to the golf course at the Els Club Malaysia.

What’s a better way to accompany luxury than by landing a hole-in-one?


5) Accommodations for every price range (affordable to high-end)

Rosa Malacca

Deluxe rooms in the super instagrammable Rosa Malacca Hotel is only RM190!

We know, not everyone can afford blowing the budget for 5-star resorts. So if you’re hoping for something less burdensome on the wallet, then you won’t need to search too much for cheap yet comfortable stays.

Please remember, spending less on accommodation is NOT DOWNGRADING! What matters most is that you make your trip as enjoyable as possible, and if that means cutting cost on stays, then do it!

For affordable stays, make sure to consider these packages on Wonderfly:

2D1N Rosa Malacca Hotel: RM 190
2D1N Ipoh Bali Hotel: RM 228
2D1N Sunway Lost World Hotel: RM 250

Here’s to local staycation adventures and discovering the beauty of our country! If you’re looking for more staycation accommodations, make sure to check out these luxurious staycations around Malaysia!
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