5 intimate staycations for a romantic getaway with your other half

5 romantic accommodations for an intimate getaway with your other half

Pamper your soulmate with a staycation at these romantic accommodations

Why wait for special occasions to show you truly love someone? There are no rules as to when and where you can show affection. No law that says you are only allowed to celebrate each other on Valentines, anniversaries, or birthdays.

Any day is a good day to let your other half know you care, and you’d be surprised how spontaneous acts of love can benefit your relationship in the long haul.

If you’re seeking for a romantic getaway, then the right place matters. There are a million places I’m sure which you can think of. But to further extend the list, here are the best 5 staycations to build moments that will last a lifetime.

So take your pick. These accommodations are perfect for romantic hallmark moments. Memories that both of you will reminisce about years later on with those “Sayang, remember that time we went…” conversations.


1) Ipoh Bali Hotel at Ipoh, Perak

Ipoh Bali Hotel

Photo by @ipohbalihotel

A private sanctuary inspired by the villas in Bali, this hotel is tucked serenely in a private nook in Ipoh, Perak. Though it’s within a short distance away from the city, stepping inside the Ipoh Bali Hotel is like walking through a portal leading to an Indonesia sanctuary.

Its rooms are decorated with art and architecture so authentic to Balinese culture that you may temporarily forget you are still in Malaysia! The cosiness and seclusion from the outside world draws in the perfect environment for an intimate retreat.

Ipoh Bali Hotel

Photo by @audrey_loi

Have quiet conversations at the balcony of your top level terrace overlooking the neighbourhood, or lay out a candle light dinner by a private Koi pond built atop a wooden veranda.

Both the Superior Double City View and Superior Double Garden View rooms includes complimentary breakfast for 2, a mini bar, and 24 hours hospitality.

Ipoh Bali Hotel

Photo by @artisthick.co


2) Hibiscus Beach Retreat at Kudat, Sabah

Photo by @aysheaaax

Romantic strolls down white sandy beaches, soft whispers amidst gentle ocean waves. And maybe, proposals at sunset? Okay, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

Just saying, if you’re searching for THE spot for classy romantic clichés, the Hibiscus Beach Retreat would be it. As passionate as romantic getaways can get, you can’t go wrong with a beach retreat located by the pristine waters of Sabah. Right at the tip of Kudat, to be exact.

Even the hopelessly unromantic will have trouble fighting the flutters.

Hibiscus Beach Retreat Clifftop Chalet

Cuddle in your own sphere of privacy atop the Clifftop Chalet, a personal cottage complete with ocean views and ocean breezes. Or would you rather stay snug on a Treetop Chalet, rekindling affections under the guise of nature?

Regardless, a stay at the Hibiscus Beach Retreat promises memories that will last a lifetime.

Both the Clifftop Chalet and Treetop Chalet come with BBQ facilities, 32” LED TV and WiFI so you two can Netflix and Chill.


3) Sea Horizon Resort at Kota Tinggi, Johor

Sea Horizon Resort

Photo by @sanddnas

Bask under celestial light as you cuddle in comfort at the Sea Horizon Resort. Located in Kota Tinggi, Johor, this is Malaysia’s first ever cliffside glamping experience and it’ll have the two of you swooning in an embrace.

Read about the glams of glamping and why you must consider it!

Your choice of stays come in an assortment of quaint accommodations, but the most romantic of all is undeniably the Stargazer Domes. It’s here that you will wake up to the morning horizons of the South China Sea, and here where glittery stars reveal themselves at night.

Photo by @jarichb

Stargazer Domes are built with a personal viewing deck so you both can hold each other like Kate and Leo in the Titanic (without the fear of having freeze to death).

All rooms are inclusive of daily breakfast for two and a reason to smile in the mornings.

Here are more reasons why the Sea Horizon Resort will take your breath away.

Sea Horizon Resort

Photo by @deejarameli


4) Time Capsule Retreat at Sungai Lembing, Pahang

Time Capsule Retreat

Photo by @frdauzahmd

Just like the gentle locking of hands, small hugs, and light kisses – simple is beautiful. Precisely how this retreat captures effortless love: simplistic yet lovely.

Time Capsule Retreat is not elaborate or gaudy. It isn’t showy with crystals nor does it flaunt fancy chandeliers. It doesn’t ask for attention. In fact, it stays hidden surrounded by tranquil forests. Inspiring an atmosphere perfect for couples to cosy up with each other in your own private capsules and etch a memorable stay.

Photo by @cikkbellaaaa

Honeymooning lovebirds can opt for either a capsule room with a jungle view or garden view. Both are as enchanting as each other.

If mommy and daddy can’t leave the kids behind, then rooms for families are available too. The Parallel Aurora and Parallel Cooperate is suitable for 2 Adults and 2 Children, while the Parallel Discovery is apt for 4 adults.

Time Capsule Retreat

Photo by @heyyanis


5) Rosa Malacca at Kampung Bandar Hilir, Melaka

Rosa Malacca

Photo by @kylfth

No love can ever be perfect, but it can be beautifully imperfect. That’s what relationships are like, no? Compromise and commitment.

Celebrate the designs of beautiful imperfection at the artistically inspired Rosa Malacca Hotel. The rooms of this hotel has seen countless celebrations. Anniversaries, honeymoons, proposals – the great lengths of relationship milestones. There’s hardly a better place to pop a bottle of champagne, or to pop the question?

Rosa Malacca

Photo by @rosamalacca

Adventure out into the rustic city of Melaka, take a scenic river cruise down the Melaka River, and return to luscious comfort. Rosa Malacca’s Deluxe Rooms are designed for ultimate style and maximum comfort. Your stay will include daily breakfast for two, and complimentary access to the gym. A couple that lifts together, stays together, right?

For brides- and grooms- to be, photoshoot packages are available.

Find out more about what might be Malaysia’s most Instaworthy hotel.

Rosa Malacca Hotel

Photo by @imaaronccy

And here you go! Just some of the most romantic staycations for a li’l getaway. Since it may not be so wise to travel in large groups yet, why not take this opportunity to pamper your other half?

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