5 things to miss about international travel

We’re living in special times, friends. The days of being able to book a weekend trip to Singapore or Bangkok or wherever you fancy (and can afford) seem a million miles away (literally).

It seems like we took so much of it for granted! The ability to experience the sights, sounds and tastes of a totally new culture with just a few hours on a plane. It’s enough to make you miss even the not-so-good experiences, from overpriced airport food to language barriers, and even  the long walk to your boarding gate that’s always alllll the way at the end of the airport.

That’s why we’re bringing back the nostalgia with some of the weird things we miss about international travel.

Airline food

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Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak, anyone? Not all airline food is made equal, which you’ll know if you ever ordered the vegetarian meal (sorry vegetarian friends, we feel for you). But there’s something about unfolding a tray table for the foil boxes and the tiniest water bottle ever that kind of makes you excited.

We’re even nostalgic for that RM5 Maggi Hot Cup. Like, yeah, you can get cup noodles on the ground, but it just isn’t the same, y’know?

Foreign Airbnb’s

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Yes, you can still book a nearby Airbnb whenever you want. No, it’s not the same.

What about the struggle to even find the place? And then there will be those weird foreign power outlets, trying to work out the shower temperature and slightly uncomfortable beds.

There’s also nothing like walking on foot with Google Maps on to find dinner nearby. Ah, the good times.

Language barriers

This one always makes for some fun stories to bring back home. Travel is always a great opportunity to exercise your miming/sign language skills. 

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Always remember the most important phrases to learn:

  • Where’s the toilet?
  • How much is this?
  • I don’t speak (insert language here).

Awkward conversation with fellow travellers

Shout out to fellow lone travellers. There will usually be some chatty uncle or aunty at the airport lounge or sitting beside you on the plane.

Where are you headed? How long are you staying? Do you have friends there? All while your brain is racing for convincing things to say without giving out too much information. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about.

And sometimes, you might even make a genuine friend! Keep an open heart and mind, and you might be pleasantly surprised.

The ~vibes~ of another country

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Each country has its own unique vibe. This is influenced by everything from the land itself, to the  people and culture and more. 

Whether chill or hectic, it’s an unforgettable part of the whole travel experience.

Until international travel get’s going again, check out all the amazing attractions Malaysia has to offer – restrictions permitting, of course. Stay safe out there!

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