8 Sahur recipes that will keep you full the entire day

8 Sahur recipes that will keep you full the entire day

Easy breakfast recipes before you fast for the day

Another year, another Ramadhan for our Muslim friends. Unlike the previous years, this MCO is probably gonna throw you off your usual fasting routine – being cooped up at home also means that all the snacks are just an arm’s reach away!

Aiyooo how la like that?? 

It’s okay, fasting was never meant to be easy, and great deeds often require great sacrifices. Nevertheless, there are ways to curb your hunger so you won’t suffer too much during the 12-16 hours. Ensuring you eat a proper breakfast before fasting is crucial in prolonging the ‘full’ feeling through the day, and to do this, you’ll need sufficient carbs, protein, and fibre. 

Need ideas on what sort of breakfast can provide these? Here are some recipes for an easy and fulfilling Sahur meal to keep you satisfied for the rest of the day.

The best part about these recipes is that you won’t need to go out of your way to get the ingredients. They are pretty simple, but super delicious.


Overnight Oats

Here’s one that’s convenient, not just because it’s easy to make, but because you can prep this the night before and eat it straight out the fridge the following morning (hence, Overnight oats). This recipe is rich in fibre from the oats and yogurts, and contains plenty of water from the fruits.


Fruit Smoothies

Who doesn’t love sweet AND healthy beverages? While fruit smoothies are thick and filling, it’s still more of a beverage than food. So it’s a good idea to pair them with something more solid, like toast or eggs.


Fruit or Vegetable Salads

Salads can be tasty too okay! So don’t scroll past this just yet. You may find a few things lacking in the kitchen if you follow this recipe by the book, so you may need to adjust according to what’s available. But for the most part, you’re good to go just as long as you have cucumbers, tomato, and avocados.


Peanut Butter Banana Toast

There really isn’t much to it. Just slab peanut butter onto toasted bread, place a few banana slices and eat away. Sprinkle some chia seeds if you’re feeling a little extra. Other recipes may recommend frying or grilling the toast, but we’d advise against it because fried foods generally make you thirstier (remember, you’re fasting ya!).

Woman eating toast with banana, peanut butter and chia seeds at table, closeup


Avocado Toast

For a more atas recipe of toast, letak je avocado. Either mush it and spread it like butter, or place the slices as it is over the toast. If you’re a little more hardworking you could add a poached egg or some blanched spinach, just to give it a substantial body. For a little spice, some chilli powder or pepper will do it justice.

Avocado toast


Egg Sandwich

The classic egg sandwich is a popular go-to for a quick meal. On an average day it may seem underwhelming for lunch next to the nasi lemaks, maggi gorengs, and roti canais, but as a Sahur meal where nourishment and fulfilment is prioritised, the egg sandwich is quite ideal thanks to the high intake of proteins from the eggs, as well as heavy carbs from the bread.


Tuna Salad

If all you’ve got is ayam brand tuna, then there’s a recipe for that too. Just like the egg sandwich, a tuna salad sandwich is easy, but goes a long way in keeping you satiated. In fact, you can actually combine both for a tuna egg sandwich!


Banana Oatmeal Pancakes

You won’t need to miss out on those pancakes, even if its fasting month! This recipe may be a little complex but the instructions gives you a few good advise on how to swap the things you don’t have with other alternatives. If you’re not a morning person and always wake with a case of grogginess, you can spare yourself the agony and prep them the night before, as per instructions.

Now that you’ve got your Sahur meals sorted, it’s time to think about your buka puasa feast later!! If you’re having trouble thinking of what to eat, you can always order from WonderBazaar!! 
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