‘A Mouse’s Tail’ CNY celebration awaits at Sunway Lagoon!

‘A Mouse’s Tale’ CNY celebration awaits at Sunway Lagoon!

The biggest water park in Malaysia has got it all planned out for you

This Chinese New Year, head over to Sunway Lagoon theme park as they celebrate ‘A Mouse’s Tale’ special! From the 23rd of January till the 6th of February, Captain Quack & Friends will be coming down to usher in the festivities of the season.

Sunway Lagoon A Mouse's Tale Poster

There will be loads of new events and activities waiting for you, including the introduction of the new and enhanced ZAMBEZI RIVER! Feel the ambiance of the African jungle close in as you float on a river immersed by the sound of African Drums. Drift through glowing neon painted carvings, and be soaked by the precarious tipping buckets!

Glowing neon carvings along the Zambezi River

Photo by Sunway Lagoon

On the 25th and 26th of January, mark the first two days of Chinese New Year with a resounding performance of Lion Dance and Seasons Drums. That’s not all, Captain Quack & Friends, together with Sifu Lao Shu, will carry on the celebration with ‘A Mouse’s Tale’ dance performance with live Chinese Drums at the Surf Beach. Can’t get enough of their wacky theatrics? Catch their amazing performance again on the 28th of January.

Captain Quack & Friends A Mouse's Tale

Photo by Sunway Lagoon

Bask in the joyous season with the host of activities prepared for you!

Place your bets on your lucky rat at the Rat Race Animal Kingdom and race it through an exciting race course, or try your feet with the Chapteh and keep it up for as long as you can without letting it drop on the floor!

Rat Race Animal Kingdom 'A Mouse's Tale' Sunway Lagoon

Photo by Sunway Lagoon

Not everyone has climbed up a mountain before but don’t worry, everyone can climb the Huat Cheese Mountain to make their wishes for yearlong luck. You’ll be rewarded with a gold chocolate bar anyway, so why not just give it a try?

Huat Chinese Mountain 'A Mouse's Tale' Sunway Lagoon

Photo by Sunway Lagoon

Always wondered what your future has in store for you? Then you’re in for a treat. The Fortune Chest will show you exactly what the year ahead holds for you. Just toss a coin for good luck, and pick a card to reveal your destiny!

Fortune Chest 'A Mountain Tale' Sunway Lagoon

Photo by Sunway Lagoon

You can also test your luck on the Lucky Tree and receive your first Ang Pau of the season! Don’t hesitate to take an early peek at your ‘prosperous’ gift…you might see a Huawei product inside it. 😉

That’s right! The Lucky Tree will give you the chance of winning some Huawei goodies, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Lucky Tree 'A Mouse's Tale' Sunway Lagoon

Photo by Sunway Lagoon

Don’t be too sad if you didn’t though, you can still always wish for enriching relationships at the Wishing Love Ponds. After all, true happiness is found by surrounding yourself with the right people.

Wishing Love Pond 'A Mouse's Tale' Sunway Lagoon

Photo by Sunway Lagoon

Children will have an amazing time squeezing their creative juices at the sand art setup on the Lake Kariba!

Sand Art 'A Mouse's Tale' Sunway Lagoon

Photo by Sunway Lagoon

No trip to a theme park is ever complete without an album-worth of memorable photos, so make sure to include the Pineapple and Pizza giant floaties in to your poses!! And before you end your day, remember to bring home some Chinese New Year merchandise ya.

Planning to go? WAIT. Remember to check out our Wonderfly prices!

Get your Sunway Lagoon entrance fee at a Wonderfly price of RM124 compared to RM138 on walk-ins!

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