Crafty Hari Raya ideas to keep your Raya spirits alive

Crafty Hari Raya ideas to keep your Raya spirits alive

You may not be able to balik kampung, but you can still keep the Raya festivities alive

Unfortunately, there’s no going back this Hari Raya.

Despite the easing of certain measurements under the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), interstate travels are still prohibited.

This comes as a HUGE blow for our Muslim friends who were looking forward to seeing their families come Hari Raya. It’s a disappointment that all Malaysians can empathise with, even for those who don’t celebrate.

Hari Raya is as important to other major festive holidays like Chinese New Year and Deepavali, so we can all imagine what it would be like to be told to stay in isolation on the day we were supposed to reunite with our families.

Nevertheless, time marches along anyway and soon enough, we will arrive at Hari Raya. While it’s a major bummer that we can’t balik kampung, we can still keep the festivities alive with these crafty ideas. Send your well wishes in the form of a pop-up greeting card, string up a colourful line of ketupat decos, or reminisce on past Hari Rayas with cut-out paper lanterns.

Here are just a few simple DIY projects which you can work on this festive season.

If you’re blessed enough to still live with your family and young children, these are great activities you can do together for some invaluable quality time (schools are still closed anyways).


Ketupat Home Deco

Ketupats may look seriously intimidating to do because of all it’s intertwining patterns. There are several methods to fold a ketupat, so there are probably some techniques that are prettier, but are much difficult to do. You can ask your nenek about this, they probably hold the secrets to the perfect ketupat.

But for a not-so-perfect-but-still-pretty-good version, you can always refer to this video. All you need for this method are: 2 ribbons, cellophane tape, paper clips, and scissors.

First, wound up the ribbons around your palm, then stick a strip of cellophane tape right at the bottom to keep the spiral in shape. Do this to both ribbons.

Ketupat (Steps 1 - 4)

Weave the two ribbons above and under each other, this is where your ketupat will start to take shape. You should be left with a long tail at the end of both ribbons.

Ketupat (Steps 5-8)

Slide the ends of the tails into the opening sides of the ketupat, and tighten them by tugging on the loose areas of your ketupat. 

Ketupat (Steps 9-12)


Watercolour Mosque Silhouette

Artworks with stunning silhouettes aren’t just reserved for the greats. Ordinary folks like us can do it too!

This is a neat way to create a lovely sunrise or sunset landscape that doesn’t require too much artistic prowess. You might have even done it in your pendidikan seni class, so if you’ve managed to survive that, this would be easy peasy. You can find the full instructions here.

Start off simply by choosing your colour palette. We recommend those deep tonal hues like dark blue or purple, any colour which might resemble a dramatic sunset. Paint the background with your chosen colours. You’d ideally want to layer those colours, for example: dark blue at the bottom, purple in the middle and dark orange at the top. That way it looks realistically like the backdrop of the sky. (But art has no rules so you can go crazy if you feel like it!)

Watercolour Mosque Silhouette

Once you’ve done the backdrop, cut out the outline of a mosque – or anything else which you feel is right for the scenery – on black paper, and frame the cut-out onto your painted canvas.

You should get something like this (or better!).

Watercolour Mosque Silhouette Art


Paper Lantern

You’d be surprised at just how simple this paper lantern by Martha Stewart is. All you really need is a thick paper of any colour, cellophane tape, and a pair of scissors. It’s easy to get the hang of it too.

If you’ve got children, this will work miracles when it comes to keeping them entertained. Sit them down with the tools they need and they’ll turn into paper lantern manufacturing machines.

Fold your purple paper, slit multiple openings in the middle, bend the paper so that it forms a cylindrical shape, cellophane them together, then compress them slightly by pressing them with the palm of your hands. Voila! That’s your lantern.

Paper Lantern

To make the handle, cut a tiny strip of paper and tape them to the top of your lantern. That’s basically it, but if you want to be a little extra, you can do what Martha does and add Washi tape to give it an elegant gold lining.

Paper Lantern Final Steps


Pop-up Handmade Greeting Card

Whoever said greeting cards went out of style? It might be…if it was just a plain ol’ card with words. If it’s a pop-up, heck, that still gets people excited. In all seriousness, this is pretty cool and thoughtful idea for a greeting card. Especially when you incorporate the Holy City of Mecca into the pop-up.

It may look pretty complicated, but if you follow the step-by-step instructions as per video, you’ll do just fine.


Handmade Eid Mubarak Card

Here’s another variation of a pop-up card. The methods at the beginning are quite similar to the previous video, but it’s slightly less complicated. This card requires a fair amount of glitter so be prepared to get sparkling-ly messy. We assure you – it’ll be so so worth it once you see your card start to bling and shimmer.

Remember that these are just suggestions or guidelines. If you feel like adding your own personal touch to these already crafty ideas, by all means go for it! You are the creator after all. Oh, and don’t forget to let us know how it went, we’re excited to see what you’ve come up with!

Let the Raya countdown begin!! We know Hari Raya is going to be different this time around, but it can still be good and memorable. What’s most important at this point in time is that we take care of ourselves and continue staying healthy.

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