‘Discover Breathtaking Malaysia 2020’ wins international award

‘Discover Breathtaking Malaysia 2020’ wins silver at international award

Travel advertisement for Visit Malaysia 2020 claims silver in prestigious video award

A video released by Tourism Malaysia has been making headway around the country. Titled ‘Discover Breathtaking Malaysia’, the video was initially produced to get the hype going for the much awaited Visit Malaysia 2020 campaign.

That was, until a certain C****-19 decided to drop by and plague the world.

Regardless, ‘Discover Breathtaking Malaysia’ has been receiving national acclaim ever since it won Silver for the 41st Annual Telly Award under the Non-Broadcast category for Travel/Tourism.

Snippet from Discover Breathtaking Malaysia (Sarawak Cultural Village)

A grand achievement indeed. Why? Well, the Telly Awards is one of the most prestigious awards ‘honouring video and television across all screens.’ In total, it receives a soaring number of 12,000 entries across 50 states, spanning 5 continents.

The Telly Awards Judging Council (the panel that decides who the winners are) comprises of over 200 members from television networks, production companies, and agencies – all of whom has won the Telly Awards themselves.

So yeah, it’s a pretty big deal.

Snippet from Discover Breathtaking Malaysia (Melaka Red Square)

The video captures Malaysia in its best light: with pristine blue beaches, epic green rainforests, colourful cultural performances, and our capital under the strobe lights. This, along with glimpses of food excursions, heritage buildings, historical sights, and a host of other beautiful destinations that rightly grants the title Malaysia, Truly Asia.

You can read on and on about it, but really, its best if you watched it yourself.


Brighter days for tourism

After bagging the award and receiving nationwide praise, Tourism director-general Datuk Musa Yusof said of the video, “We are proud to showcase the beauty of Malaysia, and what better way to do that in this climate than by utilising our digital assets and giving our global audience a sneak peek through virtual experience.”

Discover Breathtaking Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

Datuk Musa Yusof adds that “This international recognition only serves to prove that Malaysia has what it takes to boost its tourism sector again, hopefully soon. We at Tourism Malaysia will continuously strive to restore confidence in travellers to discover beautiful Malaysia safely under the new normal.”

A future worth looking forward to

The humdrum of movement control order(s) is taking its toll on wanderlusters like ourselves. As days prolong, our minds drift to episodes of adventurous gallivanting and spontaneous food hunts. First we reminisce, then, we scroll through the memories. Next, we look outside and scorn at the pandemic locking us in.

It has been months since we’ve been allowed carefree decisions to roam, or as our PM so aptly puts it, to jalan ‘ke sana ke sini.’

Despite the grim situation, it’s heartening to see thousands of #throwback photos being posted across social media. More than just a sweet reminder, it acts as a hopeful testament to new travels we are confident exist somewhere in the future.

For months we’ve been looking back. Finally, it’s time to look forward.

In Malaysia, the transition from Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) to Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) means restrictions will ease on many sectors – including domestic tourism.

Sure, international borders are still shut and overseas travel plans remain shelved. But the consensus among Malaysians are the same: instead of lamenting, now’s the time to go all out on Cuti-cuti Malaysia.

Our travel bones hasn’t waned since the very first phase of control order. It may be some time till we can take flight to new lands, but till then, trust that Malaysia can be as beautiful as the adventures you’ll find anywhere else in the world.

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