Dragons and Drums at Aquaria KLCC’s ‘Gong SEA Fa Cai’ Celebration

Dragons and Drums at Aquaria KLCC’s ‘Gong SEA Fa Cai’ Celebration

Spend a worthwhile CNY at one of Malaysia’s top attractions

If you’re wondering where to bring your relatives coming up to KL this Chinese New Year, then a trip up to Aquaria KLCC is the perfect destination. Regarded as one of KL’s best attractions, this 60,000 sq feet oceanarium is a haven for 5,000 land bound and aquatic sea creatures ranging from fearsome tiger sharks, majestic flying rays, alien-like jelly fishes and adorable sea otters.

And this Chinese New Year, Aquaria is once again joining in the yearly festivities with their ‘Gong Sea Fa Cai’ themed celebration set to ‘wow’ the audience with performances unlike anywhere you’ve seen in the country.

From the 19th of January onwards, the aquamarine life in the Aquatheatre will have new additions in the form of Choy San Yeh, or better known as the God of Prosperity.


This guy!

Now, you’ve definitely seen Mr. Choy San Yeh walking around with his red overalls and gleeful smile. And let’s admit it: the only reason we know him so well is because he’s famous for handing out ang pau packets! Doesn’t matter if it’s just 2 ringgit, we’ll still be standing in line with hands clasped ready with a list full of auspicious greetings.

But in Aquaria KLCC, our beloved ang pau-giving God of Prosperity is…underwater! Still clad in his iconic red garment, Choy San Yeh will be making an appearance among the marine life in the aquarium to deliver a unique act while also introducing a special CNY platter.

Underwater Choy San Yeh

Photo by Aquaria KLCC

Yes, you’ll be on the other side of the glass so you probably can’t get close to him.
No, please don’t climb over to try and get ang pau.

Underwater Choy San Yeh will make his appearance on:
19 & 26 January at 3PM
2 & 9 February at 3PM.

Impressed? Well, following in the act is yet another underwater marvel in the form of an underwater DRAGON DANCE!  A Chinese New Year fiesta is never complete without the iconic performance of either a lion dance or dragon dance, and Aquaria KLCC has made sure to include that in their CNY special with spectacular fashion.

Divers performing the Underwater Dragon Dance

Divers performing the Underwater Dragon Dance

Photo by Aquaria KLCC

Watch in awe as the long-bodied water dragon is steered expertly around the aquarium by master divers with great athleticism.

Catch the Underwater Dragon Dance on the:
25 & 26 January at 4PM
1 & 2 February at 4PM

Drummers on the Majestic Drum Show

A resounding march into the Chinese New Year period will be led by a clamouring display of Majestic Drums on the
25 & 26 January at 11AM
1 & 2 February at 2PM

As the year 2020 marks the Year of the Rat, Aquaria KLCC is currently in collaboration with the Institute of Medical Research to introduce some cuddly furry friends to the mix! The Rodent Exhibition 2020 is an ongoing exhibition held at the Education Booth which will run daily from January till March this year.

Exhibits on the Rodent Exhibition 2020

In this exclusive display, visitors will learn more about these ‘pesky’ rodents and how in truth, they aren’t so ‘pesky’ after all, only misunderstood. In addition, some of the rarest rodent specimens will also be brought in for the viewing pleasure of visitors.

The festivities are alive and kicking in Aquaria this year so don’t miss out on this celebrations!

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