Endless Fun at SuperPark Malaysia

Endless Fun at SuperPark Malaysia

Time to get physical in the largest indoor activity park in Malaysia

Trampolines, climbing walls, obstacle courses. This is the convergence of all the vigorously exciting activities imaginable.

Located in Avenue K Shopping Mall, SuperPark offers 40,000 square feet of non-stop physical action built to encourage people of all ages and fitness levels to be active. The concept of this SuperPark originated first from Finland, but has since expanded into Asia with Malaysia being one of its newest additions.

The SuperPark seeks to inspire movement, friendship, and fun through collective participation in exertive non-motorized activities. This isn’t reserved for kids either. SuperPark has over 29 different activities suited for energetic pre-schoolers, enthusiastic teenagers, and elite athletes.

Wondering what there is to do? Take a glance at all that’s in store in SuperPark Malaysia.


Freestyle Hall

Here is where anyone can move in rhythm to what their body desires. From the grace of a gymnast to the gravity-defying tricks of an X Games athlete, the Freestyle Hall is designed for expression through movement.

Skate and Skoot World

A skater at Skate and Skoot World at SuperPark Malaysia

The Skate and Skoot World is the birthplace of street legends. The skills embodied in the gravity-defying artist of a skateboarder and scooter athlete are honed in the ramps, rails, and kickers that make-up the park.

Where the ollie’s and the kickflips are perfected; and the credentials of a pro is earned.

Augmented Climbing Wall

The Augmented Climbing Wall

Photo by SuperPark Malaysia

Climbing walls, with a twist of technology. The Augmented Climbing Wall integrates digital aspects to give you an entirely new and innovative climbing experience.

Trampoline Platform

Jump your highest at the Trampoline Platform

Photo by SuperPark Malaysia

Jump without limits and break the glass ceiling (not literally) of your own boundaries.

Here’s a fun fact: did you know that Trampolining is an actual sport in the Olympics? You know where to practice.

Gymnastic Area

Gymnast practice at the Gymnastic Area

Photo by SuperPark Malaysia

Move with the grace of a swan as you pull-off those cartwheels and pirouette your way to take centre stage.

The Gymnastic Area is equipped with airtrack, parterre, and soft blocks.

Obstacle Wall

A couple attempts the Obstacle Wall

Photo by SuperPark Malaysia

Can you overcome your fear of heights and do what’s necessary to get through?

Free Drop

Falling in style at the Free Drop

Throw yourself off from an elevated platform and depend on the soft foam pit to break your fall. Think you can fit in a couple of flips on the way down?

Ice Skating

A skater performing in the Ice Skating Rink at SuperPark Malaysia

Skate smoothly and with ease across the synthetic ice rink and try your hand at some axel jumps.


Attempting the innovative iWall at SuperPark Malaysia

Photo by SuperPark Malaysia

Who says gaming only involves sitting? The iWall takes gaming to a whole new level and combines the physical exertion into the experience.

Super Climb

The Superclimb proves to be no easy feat

Photo by SuperPark Malaysia

Strap yourself onto a harness and test your core strength with the various and most unconventional climbing walls in the park.


Game Arena

The Game Arena is where the sporty athletes come out to play. Here, your reputation is at stake. Can you claim your crown as the street court king in the basketball courts of New York? Or prove yourself to be in an all-star 5-a-side line up against the best teams in the city?

The only way to know is to put your skills on display.

Street Basketball

Score the points in the Street Basketball court

Photo by SuperPark Malaysia

Go around defence, leap the highest, and slam dunk your way through your opponents. The court at the Street Basketball is designed after those you find in New York.

It is equipped with hoops for every height level to practice.


A batter at the Baseball batting cage

Hey, batter batter! Think you go the arms to knock the ball out of the park? Prove it when you step into the batting cage to hit a home run.

This is only for participants above the age of 10!


SuperPinball is pinball using footballs

Photo by SuperPark Malaysia

You’ve probably heard of pinball, but Superpinball is a whole new game altogether. Your only tools: the football, and your nimble feet.

Hot Stepper

Can you outdance your friends in the Hot Stepper

Photo by SuperPark Malaysia

This requires quick thinking, quick reaction, and quick reflexes. Step on the pedals in the right order and attempt to keep up with the ever-increasing pace!


Get as many points as you can on the SuperHoop

Photo by SuperPark Malaysia

Final seconds of the last quarter and you’ve got a free throw. It’s time for you to step up and take that game-winning shot…but have you put in enough practice? Sharpen your accuracy with the Superhoop and score as much points as you can before the buzzer rings.


A family try their hand at Super Bowling

Photo by SuperPark Malaysia

The strikes in your local bowling alley don’t count here. Superbowling may sound easy, but you’ll be surprised at just how difficult it can get.


In the Superball court

Throw yourself in this arena of flying balls and challenge your friends to a round of Superball! Shoot as many goals as you can before your time runs out.


Taking a shot at goal in the RoboKeeper

Photo by SuperPark Malaysia

This is man vs. machine, player vs. robot. Your only goal is to get the ball to hit the back of the net. The only stopping you? A cut-out goalie designed to anticipate and react with lightning quick speed.

Street Soccer Court

A freestyler showing off tricks at the Street Soccer Court

Photo by SuperPark Malaysia

All those times you’ve spent dribbling your way through backstreets and alleyways pays off here. The Street Soccer Court bares everything. Your arsenal of skills, your quick-feet trickery, and your guile and guts.

Disc Golf

A man tosses a Frisbee while playing Disc Golf

Photo by SuperPark Malaysia

Like golf, but with Frisbees. What could go wrong?


Adventure Area

Children love to play. And playing is where they develop the curiosity and intelligence to navigate their way through their early years. Why should we stop them? Let the kids loose in the Adventure Area and they’ll discover more about themselves than any textbook could ever teach them.

Pedal Car Track

Visitors riding their pedal vehicles in the Pedal Car Track

Race your crew around the family-friendly indoor track. Nothing is motorized here, so you gotta pedal your way to the finish line and come out tops!

Pedal vehicles available are both suited for children and adults.

Flying Fox

A child glides through on the Flying Fox

Hang on to the rope and slide from one end of the wire to the next without letting go. Unleash the adventurer in your child!

Kids’ Adventure City

Kids running through the Adventure City

Photo by SuperPark Malaysia

Let the kids run riot around the city as they take on the various activities designed to encourage mental stimulation and test their coordination.

Kids’ Freestyle Area

A child climbs up a wall at the Kid's Freestyle Area

This area is dedicated just for children to expend their boundless energy on the trampolines, foam pits, and climbing walls without the interference of grown-up teens.

Kids’ Gym

A child having a ball of a time at SuperPark

Photo by SuperPark Malaysia

What do you mean children don’t need to gym?? They do, but maybe in a slightly different way. The activities in the Kids’ Gym will help develop children’s motor skills with fun an educational games. Parents can participate in too!

Sliding Mountains

A child glides smoothly down the Sliding Mountains

At the sliding mountains, children will have a kick scaling the mountain only to slide down back again on level ground. It’s a paradise of slides that kids will never get tired off.

Tube Slide

Coursing down on the Tube Slide

To add a little twist to the slides, children can head on to the Tube Slide and course down the length of the slide with a personal tube-tyre.

Ninja Track

Children crawling through the Ninja Track

Who didn’t dream of being an agile roof-scaling ninja when they were younger? On the Ninja Track, children can make their dreams of being a ninja warrior come true by jumping and hanging on the obstacle courses made just for them.

Before you head over to SuperPark KL, make sure to take note of these things:

Physical Requirements

  • Children below age 3 enjoy free admission.
  • Rates are general and applicable for both Adult & Child (Age 3 & above)
  • Children below age 8 must be accompanied by one (1) paying Adult at all times.
  • Min height requirement applies in all activities and fluctuates according to the activities

What to Bring / What to Wear

  • Please avoid wearing skirts / shorts when visiting the attraction.
  • It is advisable to wear comfortable sports apparel when visiting the attraction to ensure maximum comfort.
  • Please wear proper sport shoes when visiting the attraction as certain activities require guests to wear shoes to participate. (i.e.: skateboarding & Clips N Climb)
  • Guests must wear SuperPark branded grip socks when entering the attraction. Wonderfly’s Super Park All-Day Admission Tickets are inclusive of grip socks.


How much are the tickets to SuperPark Malaysia?

SuperPark Malaysia has a range of ticket options depending on whether you buy them on Super Days (Sat, Sun, Public Holidays and School Holidays) or Regular Days (Monday – Friday, excluding Sat, Sun, Public Holidays and School Holidays).

Here’s a rundown of their pricing:

One Day Ticket
Regular Days:  RM50 walk-in, RM45 on Wonderfly!
Super Days: RM70 walk-in, RM63 on Wonderfly!

Morning Mayhem
[Only on Super Days]
Regular Days: –
Super Days: RM45
, access to park from 9Am – 1PM only

Middle Session [Only on Super Days]
Regular Days: – 
Super Days: RM55, access to park from 1.30PM – 5.30PM only

After 6PM
Regular Days: RM30, access to the park from 6PM – 9PM only
Super Days: RM45, access to the park from 6PM – 9PM only

*Click here to get your all-day admission ticket!*

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