Here’s how to appreciate your moms this Mother’s Day

Here’s how to appreciate your moms this Mother’s Day

Who run the world? Mothers.

In case you didn’t know, and I sure hope you do: Mother’s Day is coming!

This is the one day in the calendar year where you shouldn’t suppress your unbridled love for your mom. We don’t mean that today’s the only day. Every day you should love and appreciate your mothers. But today’s THE day to dedicate the entire day to the queens of our life.

Also, now’s a great excuse to pamper her with good deeds and surprises without raising any suspicion (cause we all know it’s very unlike Asians to show affection on any other day).

Gifts are great, but gifts aren’t the only things you can do. You might want to consider translating your love into actions, giving her the day off or just putting aside the family drama. But of course, if you can do both, that would be great too.

Here are some ways you can treat your queens this Mother’s Day.


Cook a fancy dinner, or at least try to

Eggs, bread and juice set on a table

For chefs or apprentices of the culinary field, now’s the time to strut your stuff. Whip out a full course meal with fancy entrées like beef boogeynyon (bourguignon) or foie gras – whatever that is. Or perhaps just make something you know she really loves to eat. Chances are, your mum has been the one nourishing you with home cook food all your life, so today, switch it around.

What about the rest of us sad folks (like myself) who can’t cook?

Well, the thing about mothers is, no matter how tasteless or over-salted your dishes are, she’s still going to say she loves it. In this case, if you have nil experience in cooking or if you’re aware of how thrash your cooking is, we’d suggest you just opt for a fancy delivery instead.


Be the master of the house for once

Man cleaning the house

“My son…cleaning?! Something must be wrong”

We’re willing to bet that right now, as you read this, there’s a heap of dirty clothes piling up in your room, or that your desk is so messy trolls have started to take shelter among the clutter.

If it’s hard enough for you to take care of your own space, imagine how difficult it must be for mom to manage the entire household! Heck, when was the last time you changed your own curtains or folded your own clothes? And let’s not even start on other chores like washing the dishes, hanging the clothes dry, vacuuming the carpets, dusting the windows, getting the groceries in the markets, so on and so forth. If you’re looking for a female role model to look up to, it’s your mother.

For today, take charge and give your mom a rest. Go about her daily routine and if you feel tired by the end of the day, then you know just how much your mother strives to keep the house intact.

Also, consider taking responsibility for some of the chores from now on!


Flowers, cake, or both! (and maybe something more…)

Flowers for mother's day and women's day.

Simple gestures like getting flowers or cake can go a long way, but why choose either when you can get both? Celebrate your mothers with a double surprise of sweetness!

But note ya, the sacrifices your mom has made for you throughout your entire life is waayyy more than any flowers or cake can make up for. Still, little gifts like this counts, and she’ll probably remember this for a long, long time (even if you won’t). Just make sure it comes from the heart.

If it’s within your financial capacity, showering her with a little more surprises is always a good idea. For example, maybe it’s time to replace that old smartphone of hers with something more up-to-date *winks*.


DIY gifts made with love from you, and grandchildren

Daughter, mother and grandmother at home

If you’re good with your hands, then DIY gifts are the way to go simply because it allows you more space to add your personal touch. A self-made Mother’s day card, a family photo album, a sewn shawl are some ideas.

Again, like with cooking, no matter how terrible it looks, your mom is still going to appreciate it on the sole reason it came from you.

If your mother has the joy of being a grandmother (thanks to you!), then definitely have your kids make something for her as well. If she still keeps the cards you’ve done for her when you were a child, imagine how much she’ll treasure the gifts from her grandchildren! It will be the gifts of all gifts.


The best thing you could do for mom, give her your time

Women cooking together

Mothers will tell you that oftentimes, it’s not the physical material things she looks for, but the emotional bonding of family time. Despite the meals, the deeds, the presents, the most important of all these is that you spend time with her.

Movies are a way of doing that. And it doesn’t have to be in the cinemas either (not a good time to go anyway). If you’ve got a smart TV, a Netflix account, or a HDMI cable – that’s good enough. Then, cosy up in the living room with chips and singalong to Mamma Mia!

Movies aren’t the only way ya. Spending time with mom can involve activities like game night, an online shopping spree (online because the shops are all closed now anyways), or cooking together. The most important thing – and we stress that out again – is that you spend time with the woman who brought you into this world, and more importantly, cared for you throughout your lifetime.

All of us at Wonderfly would like to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all our you superhero mommies out there! We could never reach where we are without standing on your shoulders. Have a lovely day!
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