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How to Purchase Tickets on Wonderfly App

An Easy Step-by-Step Guide to buy best-selling attraction tickets in one app.

Baffled by the functions and features offered on the Wonderfly app? Well then, here is how you can do just that!

First off, download the app from here:

I Have Downloaded the App, What Do I Do Next?

For first-time app users, select your preferred language followed by your choice of currency.

After doing so, you will be sent to the Home Screen where you can gain a general overview of the features that is available on our app. Here are some of the cool stuff that you can do on our app :

  • Wishlist –  Keep track of the attractions that you would like to visit someday, maybe you can score an exclusive deal or two!
  • Rewards – Check your WonderCredits here and use them to redeem your favourite attractions.
  • Bookings – You can check your previous and current bookings under this feature.
  • Profile – Apart from switching your preferred language and currency, you can also access our help center over here.

Pro-tip : Explore the attractions that we have curated under the Top Destinations category, we update new activities on a weekly basis!

How Can I Learn More About The Attractions?

Tap on Attractions & Events to see the list of attractions that are available in the selected country/state.

Alternately, you can check out the Trending Activity feature to see what are the other attractions that are commonly purchased by other app users.

Take note that certain attractions that are under Trending Activity are limited-time attractions and events which are offered during specific dates due to seasonal availability.

Pro-tip : Not a fan of crowds? Visit an attraction on off-peak days (Sunday – Thursday). Peak days for attractions include Friday, Saturday and Public Holidays.

What Should I Do After Selecting An Attraction?

After choosing your attraction, you will be sent to the product screen. Information of the attraction such as opening hours, facilities, height requirement and other important details can be found here.

You can purchase the product immediately by tapping on Book Now. Here are the things that you will be asked as a part of the process to assist with your product purchase:

  • Preferred ticket date
  • Package Selection
  • Package Options

Pro-tip : Planning to go to an attraction in a large group? Take advantage of group packages to enjoy greater savings on attraction tickets.

I Want to Purchase Other Attractions Too. Can I Combine My Order?

If you would like to purchase other attractions, you can tap on Add to Cart first. This function allows you to place your selected attractions under a single order.

Pro-tip : Use promo code to get exclusive prices for selected attractions. You can usually find these on our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram) and our website.

How Do I Select The Visit Date for the Attraction?

Select the date you would like to visit the attraction to check on ticket availability. For open date tickets, you can select any date so long as it does not exceed the expiry date (which can be found on the product page).

What Should I Do After Choosing My Preferred Date?

At the Package Selection screen, you can make a choice based on the types of products available.

Next, you will need to select the amount of tickets that you would like to purchase. For orders above 20 tickets, we recommend contacting our customer service for better support.

Click on Checkout to make your purchase.

What Happens After I Click On Checkout?

Fill up the traveler’s information form with your personal details. Ensure that the information provided is the same as per your official documents such as your identification card and passport. Doing this will help you avoid complications during e-ticket redemption.


Next, at the payment page, you can choose to pay via :

– Credit card/Debit card
– Online Banking
– PayPal
– Boost

Important: Remember to key in the promo code on this page before clicking Pay Now!

When Will I Receive My E-Voucher/QR Code?

Check Bookings for your e-ticket/mobile tickets. This is done automatically once you have made payment for the product.  Under the Bookings tab, you can check on your future, current and previous transactions. If you do not see your ticket, you can notify us immediately by contacting us an email at info@wonderfly.asia

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