If someone ask you what there is to do in Seremban, show them this

If someone ask you what there is to do in Seremban, show them this.

Seremban got nothing to do? Think again.

Negeri Sembilan is often the most overlooked state when planning for a road trip. More often than not, N9 to us is only a passageway we have to take on our way down south to Melaka or Johor.

But make no mistake, Negeri Sembilan has evolved into a state worthy of any traveller’s discovery. In particular, Seremban.

No we are not talking about Seremban R&R ok. It’s time to move beyond that perception.

Take some time to uncover the hidden gems that Negeri’s capital city has within her, and you’ll find that it will offer an experience unique to any other state in Malaysia.

Here’s a quick little suggestion of the places you can visit that will change your mind about Seremban.


The Dusun Resort

The Dusun

Photo by @joeywongxx

A wholesome road trip needs a good accommodation, so let’s start off with one of our favourites.

The Dusun Resort is an off-grid accommodation located serenely among Negeri’s tranquil forests. The resort’s layout is open-concept and built to give you an eco-immersive experience.

Photo by @leongjasmine

Breathe in nature’s clean air on your balcony, which sits atop overlooking verdant green terrain. Or wade in the private outdoor pool while admiring the canopies of trees below you.

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Take your pick among the many stylish rooms available. Whether it’s the Berembun House, Tembusu House, Perling House, Lanai House, Emas House or Tapir House – all are designed for guests to bask in the best of Seremban’s scenic jungles.

Photo by @leongjasmine

Gunung Angsi

Gunung Angsi

Photo by @penseltumpul

Keen for a deeper trudge into nature? Avid hikers would know that the hills and mountains of Negeri are no joke. They are both challenging, and worthwhile as the scenes at the peak are majestic to say the least. Popular names are Gunung Datuk in Kota, or Bukit Bintongan in Rembau.

However, the nearest to Seremban, and about 30 minutes’ drive from the Dusun Resort, is Gunung Angsi. At 824 metres high, this is Negeri’s third highest peak and will take approximately 3 hours to hike. It is a beginner to moderate level climb, so you’d most likely be able to conquer it even if you don’t have much hiking experience under your belt.

Gunung Angsi

Photo by @atta_mat

Your hard labours will be worth it as the peak gives you far-reaching views of Kuala Pilah and the surrounding forest. Remember, if you didn’t take a selfie, did you really climb a mountain? You know what to do.

Gunung Angsi

Photo by @nblh.sha


Masjid Sri Sendayan

Masjid Sri Sendayan

Photo by @siva_wwc

One of Negeri Sembilan’s newest architectural pride is Masjid Sri Sendayan. This aesthetic landmark made headlines when it first opened its doors to the public in September 2019.

The masjid’s powder white walls, towering minarets, tall arches, and intricate roof carvings is so strikingly beautiful that many have compared it to the Taj Mahal in India. This, and also the fact that the building materials was flown in from Egypt, Turkey, Dubai, and Morocco!

Masjid Sri Sendayan

Photo by @jefjefffff

Alas, the final product is a place or worship deserving of praises (and new photos for the gram’).

Masjid Sri Sendayan

Photo by @fanahashim


Lorong Seni & Benteng Walk

So you’ve gone street art hunting amid the bustling streets of Penang, and mural chasing alongside the serene Melaka River. Now, Negeri Sembilan has its own archive of murals to add to the collection.

If you’ve been active on Twitter, you may have seen this making the rounds!

Back alleyways in the heart of Seremban has been revamped with murals honouring Negeri’s heritage and achievements.

Lorong Seni

Photo by @faraaismail7

Among them is a tribute to Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar – our first Malaysian astronaut – beaming in his spacesuit with the Earth behind him. Depictions of tin mining activities and a kampung farmer tending to his crops on a buffalo are only some of the more eye-catching collections in Lorong Seni.

Photo by Rugged Mom

You can find Lorong Seni & Benteng Walk near Terminal One Mall, spanning along shophouses in Jalan Dato Abdul Rahman all the way to Jalan Dato Bandar Tunggal.


Negeri Sembilan Minangkabau State Museum.

Minangkabau Museum

Photo by @privatespark

Who says museum runs aren’t photogenic?

Negeri Sembilan’s Minangkabau State Museum is inspired by, well…traditional Minangkabau architecture.

The building adorns the distinct curved pointed roofs unique to Minangkabau culture. The museum complex is known as the Teratak Pepatih Building, and it consist of two stories that details the history of the Minangkabau culture, and Negeri Sembilan during the pre-historic era.

Minangkabau Museum

Photo by @slvndri

Within the vicinity of the complex itself is the Ampang Tinggi Palace – an actual palace built in the 1860’s that once housed royal members of the Malay Sultanate. You’d also find the Rumah Negeri Sembilan, which is a model replica of the classic Negeri Sembilan houses.

Are these the only thing that Negeri has to offer? Absolutely not. Look further into the heart of the state and you’ll find many other gems that deserve attention.

Bonus places: Taman Negeri Kenaboi (Jelebu), Bukit Batu Putih (Port Dickson), The Shorea (Seremban), Gunung Datuk (Rembau)

And hey, since we’re probably bound to Cuti-Cuti Malaysia for a while, why not take some time to uncover them and finally put N9 on the maps? Or, just take a picture and publish on your social medias. 😉

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