Jawdropping glamping resort by the cliffs will take your breath away

The Sea Horizon Resort in Johor is nothing short of amazing

A breath taking getaway lay cliffside along the South China Sea in Kota Tinggi, Johor.

Nestled in the fishing village of Kuala Sedili Besar, Sea Horizon Resort offers the best of a beachside glamping experience fit for the ooh’s and the aah’s. The resort is secluded and tucked quietly amidst green natural landscape, serenaded by crashing waves coming in from the ocean towards the east.

Those yearning to escape the city will have no trouble seeping into the routine of rest and relaxation. How could anyone be troubled? Paradise in the form of sunny views and blistering starry skies will have visitors swooning throughout their stay.

Luxurious glamping suites with panoramic views to die for

Stargazer Domes

Sea Horizon provides luxurious accommodation of all sorts, but the headliner is definitely their coastal Glamping domes.

These Stargazer Domes are situated right by the cliff with a frontal view overlooking the ocean. Inside each dome, a floor to ceiling (in this case, floor to top of tent) window is fitted facing the horizon.

Stargazer Dome with a view

Yeap, you know that that means: glooorious and gorrrgeous panoramic views are the first thing you’ll see the moment you wake!

Of course, curtains are provided in case you’d rather slumber off in privacy.

Just FYI: Stargazer Domes are highly, HIGHLY romantic. So if you’re looking for some place to set the mood, this is where the magic is at.

Not into glamping? Then trust the idyllic seaside cottage to win you over

Seaview Cottage

Further down the Glamping suites is a quaint Seaview Cottage that resembles a house in the European countryside.

This red-bricked cottage is an idyllic detached unit that gives occupants the comfort of privacy and simple living. This seaside accommodation is perfect for a languorous holiday to wind down and ease off from whatever that’s bothering you.

Seaview Cottage Bedroom

There’s no space for worrying at a place like this. Grab a book, make yourself some tea and lounge on the shady porch to the sound of waves. There’s isn’t a better way to savour this slice of paradise than to take it all in.

A room in Santorini? Not really but yes

White & Blue theme of the Deluxe Suite

The Deluxe Suite is inspired by the unique Santorini Cave Houses in Greece. Maybe not as authentic as the place itself, but the distinct blue and white themes certainly makes the connection.

The interior and overall design of the Deluxe Suite replicates the Mediterranean feel of the Balkan ambience. It’s the ultimate minimalistic stay, and one that will give occupants a glimpse of Santorini on the other side of the world.

Stroll over to the lookout point over the beaches and you’ll have yourself a perfect maritime holiday.

Deluxe Suite bedroom

Don’t fret if you can’t get your hands on any of these 3 accommodations. Sea Horizon Resort has plenty of other charming options.

Sea Horizon Area Map

Aside from the Seaview Cottage, you could also go for the Seaview Suite, Standard Cottages, Pondview Cottages, West Cottages or the East Cottage. Families may find that the Family Room and Family Chalet are better options as they are much more spacious than the cottages.

Dorms and standard rooms are also available.

What else is there to do here?

The resort has a host of activities for visitors to bask in the atmosphere. For one, you could opt for something leisure and slow-paced like birdwatching. Bicycles are for rent for visitors to explore the vicinity of the surrounding grounds and beyond.


In-house guests will be glad to know that Kayaking is free of charge, and single or double-seated canoes are available if you are interested!


Others keen on something a little more upbeat might be enticed by the prospect of paragliding. The updrafts whirring on the cliffs makes it a decent location for gliding over the plains. But guests must be prepared with their own gears and equipment.

On normal days, the swimming pool and water-based rope courses would be in full swing. But times are different now so it’s better to double check on their availability.

Barbeque pits are available all throughout the resort, however, it’s better to book in advance. There are many like-minded people like yourselves who’s salivating at the thought of a beach barbeque!

No WiFi, No Problem.

The Sea Horizon Resort is THE seaside glamping experience to go to. The resort is a back-to-nature gateway away from the city. And we do mean really back to nature. There is NO WIFI available, so you’d have to rely heavily on data and pray it somehow receives decent signal.


Do away with your devices altogether and just go with the natural flow. You’re not going to rid of WiFi for the rest of your life anyway, what’s two to three days being internet-free?

Rocky Beaches

You’d be surprised what detoxing from social media can do for you, and there’s only one way to find out!

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