Long weekends in 2020 you can look forward to

Long weekends in 2020 you can look forward to

Long Holidays Calendar Planner in Malaysia Year 2020

We sure do love our holidays don’t we? It’s only the beginning of 2020 and here we are, already scouting for long weekends to look forward to.

Hey! We don’t blame you. Truth be told, we do the same every year! That’s why we’ve drawn up this calendar of long weekends that you can use to plan your 2020 vacays.

This year, we’re blessed with 11 potential long weekends to feed our holiday hungry souls. Do take note of the dates carefully as you may need to take leave to bridge the public holiday and weekends together. Particularly on the 8th of May if you want the entire 5 days off.

But we’ll leave the planning to you la, it’s your call in the end. Just remember, if you want to spend those weekends doing fun activities like going to theme parks or having quality family time at Zoo Negara or Aquaria KLCC, remember to check Wonderfly out, we have lots in store for you. 😉

Remember to apply leave ya, and have fun! 🙂

Counting down to the days till we can chill at the beach like this:


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