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How we ensure our destinations are safe for you to visit

For once after a long time, Malaysians are finally mustering up the courage to travel again. This time however, plans are a little closer to home.

Our borders remain under tight control as it’s still a risk to loosen the reins on both inbound and outbound flights. At least for the short term, our plans will mostly revolve around Cuti-Cuti Malaysia.

The fight isn’t over yet though. Whether we like it or not, we will still risau a little bit about our safety whenever we jalan-jalan. This is why we’ve initiated our badge markers on some of our products.

Wonderfly secures the wellbeing of our customers by evaluating the health SOPs of our tour & attraction operators.

The badge displayed on selected products conveys that operators are adhering to four necessary health SOPs essential to visitor’s safety.


The required SOPs for operators to attain a green tick are:

1) Temperature Checks
Temperature checks must be conducted on all visitors at entry point. Visitors with temperatures recorded at an alarming level will be turned away. This is so other guests won’t contract any unwanted viruses or bacteria that may cause worry.

In other words, if you rasa demam, don’t need to go.

2) Compulsory Tracing App Check-In
Checking-in via a tracing application must be performed before visitors are allowed to enter. By now, you should have at least one tracing application (most likely MySejahtera) installed on your phone.

All operators must prepare their respective QR codes for visitors to check-in so as to comply with standardised SOPs.

3) Social Distancing Markers
Social distancing markers must be established at ticketing queues and exhibitions to allocate the appropriate amount of space required between each individual or family.

Markers need to be at least 1 meter apart and clearly visible for visitors to take note of.

4) Sanitizing Stations
Hand sanitizers must be provided for all visitors before entry. Following that, sanitizing stations must be prepared at multiple places to encourage good hygiene practices for holiday-goers.

SOP Infographic

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