minisce on these nostalgic Hari Raya commercials from the past decades

Reminisce on these nostalgic Hari Raya commercials from the past decades

From tear jerking Petronas Ads to the legendary Yasmin Ahmad classics – here are the best Hari Raya Ads to give you all the feels

It’s that time again where we expectantly wait for the release of Hari Raya adverts. What stories will they produce this year? And which of these will move us to tears, or drive us to laughter?

There’s something about Malaysia’s festive commercials that can somehow reach into the deepest parts of our hearts and touch our emotions. In fact, one of the most anticipated markers for the festivities are the advertisements!

It’s no different for Hari Raya 2020, although we are in an entirely new situation from what we are used to. As cruel, cruel fate would have it, we’ve been advised to scale down the celebrations to keep ourselves safe. It is terribly disappointing, but necessary to ensure we live to see plenty more Hari Rayas.

While we wait for the new commercials, we thought it’d be a good idea to look back on some of the best ads over the decades. Don’t worry, there’s a healthy mixture of heart-wrenching tearjerkers and table-slapping humour. You can expect tears – both of joy, and happiness.


The tearjerkers

Grab a box of tissues (or two) and protect yourself in the warmth of your blanket. You WILL cry.

PETRONAS 2006: Plastic Bowl

14 years on but the message is timeless: love and care for your elderly parents, just as they did for you when you were a child.


PETRONAS 2007: Burung Murai dan Ayahanda

Another lovely commercial that drives home the message of being patient and understanding.


Bernas 2012: The Journey

Two orphanage boys, Ahmad and Fizi, go on a journey to Segamat in order to reunite with Ahmad’s mother. It’s hard to describe the intense emotions you’ll feel by watching this. All we know is that by the end of it, you’d be longing to hug your moms for a long, long time.


PETRONAS 2013: Jahit

A portrayal of a mother’s sacrifice and earnest hardwork in ensuring the best for her daughter. You will probably see this reflected in your own mothers too.


Nissan 2014: Atuk

A combination of humour, nostalgia, and sadness bridges the story with lessons of cherishing the past.


PTS Media Group 2015: Kad Raya Syafiqa

Who knew a little girl could make you cry so much? This advert hits so, so differently you’ll be bawling your eyes out.

Astro 2017: Dari Hati Ayah

What’s really moving about this story is that it is based on TRUE events. An absolutely eye-watering depiction of a father’s love towards his autistic son.


PLUS 2019: Tumpang

Here’s a road trip story everyone can get behind. A truck driver reluctantly agrees to send a boy back home for the Raya holidays. Despite initially having been annoyed by the young boy’s habits, the truck driver eventually takes a liking to him as they begin to bond.


The lighthearted humour

We hope you had a good crying session. Now it’s time to liven the mood.

2005: Kisah Raju dan Suparjo – Ikan Dilaut, Asam Didarat

A humorous start with a touching ending, this classic is actually a 2-in-1 commercial for both Deepavali and Hari Raya Aidilfitri.


TV3 2007: Cekodok Monster

To be honest, any advert starring Adibah Noor AND directed by Yasmin Ahmad is going to be a hit.


TV3: Baru Balik Dari London

No matter how far you roam or how long, you’ll always be Malaysian…even if you tried to hide it with a foreign accent.


PETRONAS 2014: Ke Pangkuan Bonda

Oh how we longed for the kampung scenery after this commercial aired. No dialogue needed. Just a lovely rendition of Suasana Hari Raya in the midst of a lively village celebrating Hari Raya.


BSN 2015: Pengacau Raya

What makes this quirky commercial unique is that it’s probably one of the only Raya ads that touches on interracial marriage. And it does so in a humorous, non-controversial way that’s endearing to viewers.


TNB 2016: #LepasTu

This commercial encapsulates the message of maaf zahir dan batin in a nervous boy’s confession to his father.

TM Group 2017: Kampung Batu 311 Diselubungi Misteri

Who doesn’t love a little mystery surrounding a peculiar old man? No need to be alarmed, this isn’t a cerita hantu. Find out what these 3 boys discovered in this heartwarming story of Kampung Batu 311.


TNB 2017: Dugaan Raya Aida

Oh the troubles of Raya! This hilarious Raya ad portrays Aida’s plight in her challenge to get back home. Spoiler alert: it has a happy ending.


Touch ‘n Go 2018: Iklan Raya Paling Touching

This is probably the most touching Raya commercial you’ll ever see, in the most literal sense. Don’t believe us? “Tak de hal lah”, just watch and see.

We hope reminiscing upon these Ads made your festive season a little brighter. Or at the very least, helped you realise the importance of cherishing your loved ones. 

Selamat Hari Raya to all of you celebrating! This year, let’s hold on to each other a little tighter.

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