Selangor water disruption Water to be restored by today, says Air Selangor

Selangor water disruption: Water to be restored by today, says Air Selangor

Restoration works to begin today, but households will continue to face low pressure

This article was last updated at 2.30PM, 21st October

Air Selangor are working hard and fast to restore its water treatment plants back to full capacity.

Yesterday (19th October), residents in Selangor woke to news of yet another unscheduled water cut, affecting a total of 1,196,457 account holders across 1,292 areas in Petaling, Klang, Gombak, Kuala Lumpur, Hulu Selangor, Kuala Langat, and Kuala Selangor.

Air Selangor has detected traces of contamination in the water treatment plants at Sungai Selangor Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3, and at Rantau Panjang. It is believed that the treatment plants were polluted in the early hours of 19th October.

At 6.30PM on the same day, Air Selangor has announced that all water treatment plants has restarted operations, and water will be channelled in stages to homes starting 8.00AM today (20th October). However, residents will still need to wait a few days before water is restored at full capacity, with some areas requiring up until 23rd October.

Air Selangor schedule

Since the disruption, Air Selangor has mobilised 91 water tankers to critical areas affected such as hospitals and dialysis centres. Residents may also receive water supply from 21 public pipes, 34 static water tanks, and 17 local service centres (Pusat Khidmat Setempat) set up by Air Selangor. Residents are advised to adhere to physical distancing throughout.


As of 12.00PM 21st October, water supply has returned to full capacity in 1,162 (90%) of the 1,292 areas affected. The remaining 130 areas are still in the process of restoration.

Air Selangor water restoration (2)


As of 3.00PM 20th October, Air Selangor has fully restored water supplies in 715 (55%) out of 1292 areas affected by the unscheduled water disruption. The other 577 areas are still in the process of restoration.

Air Selangor water restoration

No more messing about

Silhouette of drones flying

Photo for illustration purposes only

The Selangor state government has allocated RM2 million in four military grade drones to provide tighter security along crucial points at Sungai Selangor and Sungai Langat, as these locations are where pollutions happen the most.

Selangor State Legislative Assemblyman Hee Loy Sian says that the drones will be deployed next month, and will be controlled by Selangor Water Management Authority (LUAS).

The drones are said to have night surveillance features that would hopefully catch or deter any foul play.

Hee Loy Sian will also table stricter penalties on wrongdoers at the upcoming Selangor State Assembly sitting. Currently, the maximum fine for water polluters is RM100,000 or imprisonment of not more than 3 years. He proposed to increase the fine to a minimum of RM200,000 and a maximum of RM1 million.

Out of water, out of patience

Residents affected by the unscheduled water disruption has expressed outrage across social media channels. Announcements posted by Air Selangor on Facebook and Twitter have been bombarded by netizens criticising the mismanagement and incompetence of the water supply company.

Prior to yesterday’s disruption, residents in parts of Selangor and Kuala Lumpur had to endure a more severe water cut in early September, also from pollution, which needed a week of fixing.

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