Sunway Lagoon and Lost World are reopening!

Sunway Lagoon and Lost World are reopening! Here are the SOP’s and health measurements so you know what to expect

‘Aqua Blasters’ and auto-dosing systems are some of the newly implemented steps taken

Malaysians can celebrate another milestone after it was announced that water-based theme parks can once again resume operations. This proves to be a step forward in efforts to gradually reopen the economy under the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO).

Us when the theme parks finally reopen…

Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob emphasized that all theme parks must follow and implement stringent SOPs and social distancing measures to reduce the threat of another COVID-19 wave. Moreover, theme parks are also required to limit the number of admissions depending on its respective size and capacity.

With that being said, two of Malaysia’s most exciting theme parks are making their come backs on July 4th: Sunway Lagoon, and Sunway Lost World of Tambun!

They're Back, 4th of July

There are probably tons of question tossing in your mind about the safety of theme parks. Rightly so, too. Even with the reduced number of cases, we shouldn’t take things for granted. So it’s good that you’re concern!

On the other hand, if you are looking for some assurance about the safety measurements in Sunway Lagoon or Sunway Lost World of Tambun, read on. We’ll describe what precautions and procedures both theme parks are taking in order to ensure visitors are protected.


Sunway Lagoon

Sunway Lagoon Let's Play

As a grand reopening, Sunway Lagoon is having an opening promo for all visits between 4th July and 13th July 2020! Admission tickets with access to ALL SIX ZONES are being sold at RM115 for adults and RM105 for children.

Sunway Lagoon have installed disinfectant chambers – funkily named ‘Aqua Blasters’ – which visitors can walk through before entering.

The blasters uses approximately 1-3 parts per million (ppm) chlorine dilution, similar to the amount in pool water. So if you’ve been in any chlorinated swimming pool and have no issues so far, chances are you won’t have any troubles here too.

Along with that, routine temperature screening at entrances will follow.

You can also expect to see social distancing markers at ticketing and attraction queues, as well as at any live shows or performances.

Sunway Lagoon Aqua Blasters

Sunway Theme Parks Executive Director Calvin Ho said in this video by The Edge Markets that he’s confident about both Sunway Lagoon and Lost World’s health measurements. He assures that all pools will be controlled and chlorinated via an auto-dosing system. Constant wipe-downs will also be conducted extensively throughout the parks, including merchandise stores, eateries, vehicles, and attraction rides.

Sunway Lagoon Temperature Screening

Even then, Sunway Lagoon only plans to reopen at only one third capacity as it is easier to abide by social distancing measures. Although face masks are not required on water rides, it is advisable to have them on when roaming other areas of the theme park.

In addition to the interview, Sunway Lagoon has released a set of COVID-19 preventive measures which visitors must comply with. Some measurements to take note of is their cashless payment option, the compulsory applying of hand sanitizers upon entering and exiting rides, and the guests declaration form.

Sunway Lagoon Covid 19 Preventive Measures

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Sunway Lost World of Tambun and Lost World Hotel

Lost World of Tambun is having an opening promo for visits from now till the 15th of July 2020. Get your 1-day admission pass for only RM70 for adults, and RM62 for children. Get your tickets today with Wonderfly!

Sunway Lost World of Tambun - 4th July 2020

Sunway Lost World is pushing the message of ‘Play & Stay with Confidence’, referring to both their theme park and hotel.

Usual social distancing measures and compulsory face masks applies.

Similarly to Sunway Lagoon, a disinfectant chamber – now named Malayana Healing Hut – will be stationed at entrances for visitors to cleanse before entering. Temperature screenings will be conducted, and only visitors below 37.5°C will be permitted.

Lost world of Tambun - Play with confidence

Again, guests will have the option of cashless payment if they wish to reduce contact frequency. Constant sanitization will be conducted in touch prone areas, and sanitizer and handwash stations will be placed in several places across the theme park.

For Lost World Hotel: the same guidelines pertaining disinfecting, temperature scanning, and contactless payment are maintained.

Lost World Hotel - Stay with confidence

Upon checking-in, guests will have their luggage disinfected before they are sent to your rooms. You can rest easy at Lost World Hotel as rooms will undergo a thorough sanitization each time before you check-in.

Each room will be sanitized from top to bottom and in between the creases so there’ll be no room for unwanted viruses. Everything from door knobs, switches, remote control, bed sheets, sachets, brochures, and basically everything else in the room will be wiped-down and cleaned.

For a better look at how procedures will run, watch this video.

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Keep in mind!

For those of you who’ll be rushing back to the theme parks, please be responsible and heed all SOPs. Listen to the park attendants and don’t overreact if you are prohibited to do anything outside the guidelines. In other words, don’t be sampah masyarakat la, kay? The last thing we want is to be locked in again.

Enjoy responsibility, have fun, but most importantly stay safe!


From the 1st of August onwards, Sunway Lagoon will be closed every Tuesday except on Malaysian School & Public Holidays!
Sunway Lagoon Closed
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