The best Malaysian-ized Emily in Paris memes you can find on the internet

The best Malaysian-ized Emily in Paris memes you can find on the internet

The Netflix series, which premiered on 2nd October, is now a meme sensation

Some say it’s culturally shallow, others find it witty and humorous. But for the rest of the internet, ‘Emily in Paris’ is a meme machine.

Since it’s premier on 2nd October, the Netflix series ‘Emily in Paris’ has received mixed reviews from netizens. Honestly, we’ve not seen it ourselves. And really, we wouldn’t have taken so much interest into it if it wasn’t for the meme/parodies that netizens have been so creative with!

The meme first came to our attention when a Tweet from user @IzzRaifHarz began circulating on Twitter:

Since then, variations of ‘Emily in Somewhere’ memes have sprung up like wildfire. From Bangi…

…all the way to the water-disrupted Selangor!

Emily in Selangor (@ASahario)

Photo by @AShario

Even GSC had their share of fun with their own version…

Because I'm bored. #EmilyinGSC

Posted by GSC on Saturday, October 17, 2020


Looks like Emily didn’t miss out on the Boba trend!

Emily at Tealive

Photo by @AnasAzmi95

you know emily in paris, now it's time for emily in pasir ris

Posted by SGAG on Friday, October 16, 2020


Heck, there’s even a generator if you’re bored outta your mind and want to create your own ‘Emily in Somewhere’ meme. Check it out here.

Seeing how Emily is central to the latest memes, our FOMO might just compel us to give it shot!

Which among these are your favourite ‘Emily in Paris’ parody? 
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