The glams of glamping – Why you should consider Glamping as your next trip

The glams of glamping – Why you must consider Glamping as your next trip

The perks of Glamorous Camping, and the reasons why you should give it a try

We live in an era of convenience.

Our lives are made considerably easier thanks to modern inventions and breakthrough ideas of sorts. Some may say we’re spoiled, but really, we’d rather call it innovative.

From cavemen to civic society, nomadic settlements to metropolitans, huts to houses. We’ve really outdone ourselves when it comes to comfortable living.

Which brings the question, why do people like to go camping? You’re essentially moving backwards. Sleeping in tents, churning up fire, finding a spot to…dig a hole. Why put yourself through the ordeal when king-sized beds and bidet sprays exist to serve your (private) needs?

Well, there are plenty of reasons. Many great ones in fact, that’ll make you reconsider your disdain towards camping. But we’re not here to reshape perspectives.

We’re here to introduce you to a lesser known way of living outdoors – Glamping.


What is Glamping?

A man tries to set a campfire outside his tent at Lost World of Tambun's glampsite

Glamping is a combination of two words – GLamarous, and cAMPING. Speaks for itself doesn’t it? Simply put, glamping allows visitors to experience luxurious living while also being out in nature.

Imagine a campsite where those cramped fit-for-two tents are replaced with a larger one that can fit a queen or king bed. If you’re lucky, some glampsites may even find a way to fit an air-con in there somewhere.

When you step outside, you’re met with lush jungles, a lake, a rolling river – and breakfast! All made for you by the glampsites own chef. You eat this, all with the assuredness that you won’t be mauled by a wild animal.

Nature, safety, and soft beds. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, it doesn’t end there. Here are a few other reasons why you should give glamping a try.


You’ll stay in a million star accommodation

Glamping bell tent glows at night at forest

Why stay in just a 5-star hotel? Why not aim for a million? Don’t limit yourselves.

Okay but seriously, a glamping site won’t give you the luxuries that a 5-star hotel can provide. If you’re hoping for a spacious bathtub and a personal masseuse, you’re not going to get it here.

What you will get are epic night sky views littered with stars, an opportunity to reconnect with nature, and a communal bond with other fellow glampers.

There are some things high-end luxury cannot give, and these are some.


No need to pitch tents!

Lost World Glamping site

Your tents are ready and waiting upon arrival at Lost World’s Glamping site.

You won’t need a scout badge or an elaborate knowledge on how to tie knots.

Everything is prepared for you. The tents, the fire, the food. You will be well covered from day one till the last day with hospitality that’s only an arm’s reach away.

When nature comes knocking from within (a.k.a. when you got to use the loo), just make your way to the toilet nearby for a sweet release. Admittedly, the toilets won’t be as spacious or well-equipped as your own homes, but it still beats the classic dig-a-hole-and-bury.


Get the best of the outdoors, while being indoors

Luxurious glamping 'tents' set around a mini pond

Luxurious glamping tents set in a lush jungle Photo by The Star

Glamping is perfect for those who long for the outdoors, but yet find the thought of trading in household comfort daunting.

Glamping does require you to ditch the sofa and television, but maybe that’s for your own good, hmm? Besides, you’ll still be able to stay in touch by showing off on social media letting your friends know what a rad place you’re spending your holiday in!

More often than not, basic amenities like Wi-Fi, power sockets, and toiletries are a given. Some may even have BBQ pits as an add-on option.

How about that? Being out there with nature while enjoying first-world privileges. Ain’t too shabby after all.


Hospitality is just call or walk away

A glampsite at Tadom Hill Resort

Cosy tents along a glampsite | Photo by Tadom Hill Resorts

You needn’t worry about getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. This isn’t some Bear Grylls documentary where they drop you from a helicopter and film you fighting to survive in the jungle.

Service concept is the same as in hotels: just ring em’ up if you need anything. So don’t worry, an extra fan for your tent or a second lunch is just a stroll away.

Some glampsites will have hiking tour packages as additional options. Just make sure you stay within site and sought advice from the attendants if you’re interested.

Basically, 0 camping skills needed.


Crowd-free accommodations

Glampers sitting around a campfire

A glamping community bond around a campfire Photo by Gopeng Glamping Park

Particularly in times like these, it may be wise to stay clear from any place that attracts hordes of people.

Glamping sites are typically quite spacious, but most usually only accommodate a few tents to avoid overcrowding and taking away from the ‘getting back to nature’ promise.

There’s usually enough glampers to build a solid enough community for campfire activities. So while it’s much less secluded compared to a touristy hotel, you won’t be completely alone either.

This also means that bookings can get pretty competitive, so you might wanna start marking down dates months earlier to secure your spot.

Caught your attention? Great! Here are 5 glamping sites for a crowd-free holiday


You’ll get a 2-day petting zoo entrance tickets if you glamp at the Lost World of Tambun!

Rabbits idle at Rabbit Wonderland in the Petting Zoo at The Lost World of Tambun

“What’s up dude.” Rabbits are abundant in Lost World of Tambun’s Rabbit Wonderland

Here’s an exclusive deal you can’t get anywhere else. As Lost World’s Glamping site is in the same vicinity as Lost World of Tambun, they’ve decided to open their petting zoo to the glampers as well.

Liven up your 2Day 1Night glamp stay with a trip to see Giraffes, Zebras, Marmosets, Pythons, and other animals wandering about the zoo. Creepy crawlies in the form of Giant Tarantulas in the Tarantula Alley is included. (yiiikes! Not really our cup of tea, but no one’s stopping you.)

So, now that you can add animals to the list, it looks like you’ll be getting the full nature experience after all!

No, you can’t bring the bunnies from Rabbit Wonderland back to your tents.

Wonderfly is ready to restart tourism in Malaysia with our Terokai Malaysia campaign! Watch our space for available attractions making their comebacks during and after RMCO.

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