The six types of teachers we’ve all had in school

The six types of teachers we’ve all had in school

“Selamat Sejahtera, Cikguuuu!”

Who doesn’t reminisce about school every once in a while? It’s always nice to get that huge wave of nostalgia whenever we look back at our early years. The things we learned, the friends we made, the ridiculous stuns we tried to pull off. But probably the most memorable of these are the beloved teachers we’ve had the privilege to have.

Since it’s teacher’s day, we thought it’d be a good idea if we dust off the school albums and take a stroll down memory lane.

Whether you were a naughty student who could never keep away from trouble, or if you were the straight A genius who was always in the guru besar’s good books, here are the six types of school teachers we’ve all encountered.


The Guru Disiplin

Back then we were young and full of youthful enthusiasm. We did whatever we pleased without fear of anything…until we suddenly hear “OI, balik ke kelas!!” Then we lose all sense of bravery and scurry back to our classes.

Guru disiplins are like the generals of our schools. They patrol the hallways to keep everything in order. If we were caught doing something out of line, a few lashes of the infamous cane would set us straight (and walking funnily).

Let’s be real though, in those moments we may have felt that our treatment was unfair. But looking back now, they were only doing what they felt would be the right thing to do. At some point, we have to ask, maybe we did kind of deserve it?

Regardless of whether or not we’ve been punished by the guru disiplin, we have to acknowledge that they were only doing what was best for us because they truly cared.

So here’s a great big salute to all the guru disiplins out there!


The Kindhearted Teachers

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the kindhearted teacher who always gives us second chances.

Didn’t do your homework? “Hantar esok hari.”
Came late to class? “Esok hari jangan lewat lagi.”
Caught with your hair too long? “Kalau esok tak potong lagi saya potong.”

Goodness knows how many times “esok” has saved us.

To our eyes, these are the compassionate teachers. The ones that makes it comfortable enough for us to raise our hands and ask a silly question. School isn’t as stressful when we know we can ease down a little bit for two periods.

Of course, there were times when we would take advantage of their kindness, even to the point where we’d ponteng class. Still, whenever we come to our senses and stick around, they’ll be there to teach and guide us without bias.


The Too-Much-Information (TMI)

These are the teachers who are willing to share their real-life experiences with us. Be it about the subject being taught, their families, their personal matters (which are not so personal anymore) -anything.

They have a tendency to open up to their students and speak to the class as if it were one giant group of friends instead of a teacher-student interaction.

Some students may have found this rather strange because it IS still a teacher-student interaction. But in their ability to connect to students on a personal level, these teachers create a safe zone for students to speak out about their struggles.

For most of us, this emotional cushion isn’t necessary especially when we come from well-to-do families with loving parents. Unfortunately, there are those who don’t share the same privilege, and having someone to connect to – even if it was a teacher – can mean the difference between a bright or bleak future.


Guru PJK

Your guru Pendidikan Jasmani dan Kesihatan (PJK – is that what they still call it?) is crucial. What your guru PJK chooses to do in this period will determine whether they are labelled a hero, or a villain.

If they:
a) decide to let your class out into the field: they become a revered hero and automatically assume the ‘best teacher’ title.

b) decide to keep you in class to learn from a textbook: they become a villain and the destroyer of the only period you looked forward to in school.

Yikes. It’s high pressure being in that position. On one hand, PJK won’t be tested in SPM so it’s not necessary to keep the students in, on the other is a course outline that needs to be followed or else they might get in trouble with the administration.

So don’t be hard on the ones that didn’t let you out lah…they were only doing their jobs.


The school crush

Everyone at one point in their schooling years has had a tiny little itsy bitsy crush over a teacher.

Our guess is that he or she was probably the youngest teacher in the school, maybe even a teacher on probation. They’re at an age where they’re still youthful and very relatable to fresh minds like yourself. More often than not they’ll be quite casual with the class, making them all the more ‘cool’ and a hit with the students.

To infatuated students, Hari Guru acts more like Valentine’s Day. Admirers alike will shower this teacher with gifts left right and centre, each competing to get the most attention.

Ughh…you’re probably cringing thinking about it now! But don’t need to be so malu la, everyone have experienced something like that. Besides, it’s always nice having an educator we can relate with.


The 2-in-1 class AND tuition teacher

If your parents have ever sent you to tuition, there’s a high likelihood that your tuition teacher was also your school teacher.

This means double the education, but also double the homework! In class, we’ll hear “see you at tuition later, don’t forget to complete last week’s exercise”, and when we’re in tuition it’s “see you at school tomorrow, don’t forget to do your homework.”

Perhaps the worse of these situations is when the 2-in-1 teacher decides to put you on the spot because he/she wants to see if you were paying attention in class earlier today! The horrors…

But it all worked out in the end, didn’t it? We were forced to pay attention and learn, which simply means that our teachers were only doing what was good for us.

As students back then, it was easy to harbour a feeling of dislike or contempt for our teachers. In hindsight, teachers had to put up with a lot of our nonsense too! It’s only after we’ve grown that we become more appreciative for their sacrifices.

Where would we be without the teachers that made us? Don’t forget to show your gratitude towards your teachers this Teacher’s Day!

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