This butterfly garden in Penang is straight out of a magical fantasy movie

This butterfly garden in Penang is straight out of a magical fantasy movie

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Entopia is filled with 15,000 free-flying butterflies fluttering around a garden vivarium

Imagine walking through a garden of flora, one that’s flourishing and kempt. Sunlight streams gently over the landscape, and all around you, butterflies of various colours flitter like dandelion seeds.

Is this heaven? Not really, this is Entopia. And paradise truly seems to converge here.


Paradise and butterflies | Photo by @hasifhamsyari

Entopia is a butterfly sanctuary that houses thousands of butterflies from a diverse range of species. Built within a glasshouse, the landscape of Entopia is one that mimics thriving jungles and healthy ecosystems. Healthy enough to have 150 species of fauna and 200 species of flora calling this conservatory its home.


Thriving jungles and ecosystems, all in the glasshouse of Entopia | Photo by @dllynasyrah

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Entopia’s passion for nature means that its many sections and programs are catered towards educating visitors, and you’ll find that both children and adults alike will find joy by the entrancing wonders of this sanctuary.


With its magical interior and vast collection of butterflies, Entopia is quickly becoming a must-visit attraction whenever you head up north to Penang.

Wondering what’s in store for your visit? Here’s a lil’ preview for you.


The Natureland: A garden bursting with life

The Natureland is designed to be an ecological living space for the butterflies and animals that occupy Entopia. Here’s where a kaleidoscope of at least 15,000 butterflies roam free, fluttering about in the little garden paradise. If you lay still enough, a few might even land on you!

Butterfly perched on woman's hand at Entopia

Be gentle with the butterflies! | Photo by @sylvia.jing

Butterflies isn’t the only occupants that reside in The Natureland. Reptilians and invertebrates are friendly residents that mean you no harm! In fact, their presence only add to the charm and enchantment of Entopia. The re-creation of the animals’ and butterflies’ natural habitat is helped by the many species of plants – at least 200 of them – thriving all over the garden.

So authentic is the natural experience at Entopia that they even found a way to incorporate waterfalls, ponds, and caves for visitors to explore.

Entopia The Natureland

Nature thrives at Entopia | Photo by @qiyiiiii

While you’re exploring The Natureland, you’d come across a large tree with a unique shape at its crown. It’s the tallest tree in Entopia, and its branches form an oval-ish shape that would catch anyone’s attention.

Entopia Home Tree

One of Entopia’s most unique landmarks | Photo by @catedubois

At first glance, you might even think you’ve been transported to another planet! (let’s say…Pandora from Avatar, maybe?) Don’t worry, we can assure you, you’re still on planet Earth. That’s just Entopia’s Home Tree. You can amble on to David’s Garden and up to the mezzanine-terrace to get a closer look.


The Cocoon: Entopia’s central hub for education

Entopia’s commitment to educate and conserve is evident in The Cocoon. With the use of state-of-the-art facilities and technology guided interpretations, Entopia aims to impart knowledge and appreciation for the natural world to all visitors regardless of age.

A butterfly perched on a flower at Entopia

You’ll find the prettiest butterflies at Entopia | Photo by @sharvinraaj94

The Cocoon is two floors worth of learning exhibitions and activities catered for the curious ones to learn. Their range of hands-on learning activities through interactive edu-stations will spark anyone’s interest about the world of butterflies and wildlife.


Of course you’ll need to take some shots for the ‘gram | Photo by @dianatsl

Wandering around the Cocoon is definitely a trip worth taking, especially if you’re coming from The Natureland. Instead of merely observing nature as you would in most zoos, visitors of Entopia will get the invaluable experience of learning more at The Cocoon!

Discover your passion for wildlife with attractions such as the Pandora Forest, Metamorphosis, Lumino City, Downtown Entopia, Breeding Ground, Underwater Mysteries and Understory Tales.


Visit Malaysia’s most modern butterfly farm today!A kaleidoscope of butterflies

A pair of butterflies linger on a flower | Photo by @catedubois

It’s easy to see why Entopia is fast becoming a major tourist spot. The paradisiacal gardens isn’t just a haven for butterflies, but a centre for discovery that will undoubtedly inspire the next generation of wildlife enthusiast.

Plus, it’s located in Penang! A few hours exploring Entopia in between meals sounds like a plan!

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Great news! Entopia is now open seven days a week, from 9AM – 6PM (last entry 5PM). For updates, keep an eye on Entopia’s Facebook Page.


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