Tumbles and Splash! Get your surf’s up at FlowRider @ 1 Utama

Tumbles and Splash! Get your surf’s up at FlowRider @ 1 Utama

You can now know what pro surfing feels like thanks to FlowRider!

How’s your balance?

Pretty good? Well then it’s time to test it to the limit at FlowRider! Malaysia’s first ever indoor surf simulator is now proudly in 1 Utama Shopping Centre.

If you’re still new to the concept of FlowRider, it’s basically a wave generating technology that produces endless gushes of waves for you to surf on! Yes, it’s allllll wet in here…y’know, because of the waves.

Combining the techniques of surfing, together with snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding, skimboarding (basically any sport with the word ‘board’ in it), you get a hybrid outlet to play boardsports!

Steady as she goes! | Photo by @angelaongggg

Excited? Book your session with FlowRider with Wonderfly!

If you’re not tumbling, you’re doing it wrong!

To really enjoy FlowRider, you’ve got to get use to the idea of falling! If you aren’t, then you’re probably not doing it right.

You WILL tumble tumble tumble at the beginning. Heck, you’ll even tumble if you’re a pro. But that’s the fun part about water sport isn’t it? You don’t play water to be dry okay!


Ready, steady, balance! | Photo by @panda_peiee

If this is your first time on FlowRider, don’t worry. There are professional instructors all around to guide you until you look like an absolute master. In less than no time (and probably after a few sessions), you’ll be pulling tricks and flips so effortless it will feel like walking.

Want to take it a step further? FlowRider also has lessons and courses ranging from beginner to advance level!

Moments before the wipeout! | Photo by @ann._c9

Best get to it, there are plenty of onlookers to impress. 😎 Who knows, this may turn out to be your new-found hobby over the weekend.

FlowRider is open to all kids and adults, just as long as you’re above 107cm.

Here’s what RM45 at FlowRider will get you.

You’ll get a 1 hour regular session, where you’ll be under the watchful eyes of instructors. You’ll get full-use of shower facilities, and double-lock lockers 1 hour before and after your session.

For an additional RM5 you’ll be able to rent a towel (though you gotta put in RM15 as a deposit).

You’re probably gonna be exhausted after your session, so you can grab a bite after and cool off at the wading pool. You can watch others have a go at the FlowRider too (remember not to laugh when they wipeout ya, unless they are your friends then might as well take video also).

It’s all smiles at FlowRider | Photo by @hakimblind

Interested? Here’s a video of some top-notch FlowRider athletes to hype you up:

PS. Don’t try this at home, only at FlowRider 😉

Purchase tickets to Malaysia’s first ever wave simulator and receive an additional RM5 voucher! That means on top of the 5% of your initial purchase, you’ll get an additional RM5 off for your next visit to FlowRider!
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