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Introducing Our New Mobile App

Meet Wonderfly App: Your New Best Friend for Travel Activities in Malaysia (and some say in Singapore)

Remember the good ol’ days when you would queue up for hours just to get tickets to enter Sunway Lagoon, or even Universal Studios Singapore? The super long line, filled with parents trying to calm their fidgety children under the sweltering heat. And of course, the complaints about how slow the process is.

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In the past, buying tickets online in advance is a myth. You want tickets? Better get your gear and start queuing for them on the day itself! If you’re planning to go with a group of friends,then get find accomplices to take turns queuing for the tickets.

There goes your morning hours.

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So many What Ifs…

…What If there is a way to skip that crazy long queue, hassle-free?

Think of all the good memories you can create with the time that you have wasted in line.

…What If picking a place for cuti can be more than just another Instagrammable beach, city, or forest?

There’s so much more to enjoy in Malaysia than just good looking photos kan?

…What If you can find all sorts of amazing places in Malaysia for your next retreat or long break?

Remember to jio friends and family to go explore together-gether okay?

….What If you that you can get all of that with just one app?

Sounds too good to be true kan?

Have no fear – Wonderfly is here!

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Why Choose Us?

Have you ever experienced that mental roadblock when you’re bored, and you have no idea what to do or where to go? Whether it’s for a super romantic date, a day out with the bros, or even for a family vacation – chill; we got your back.

On our Wonderfly app, you can discover local experiences on-the-go in one platform and get instant confirmation upon ticketing purchase. It’s super easy to use, and the payment process is safe and secure.

Getting tired of queuing up at Aquaria KLCC? Chill lah! Just take out your phone, go to our Wonderfly app, and buy tickets for the day itself. With instant confirmation, you can now skip that queue to enter the breathtaking underwater world.

Bonus: We aim to improve the world, one step at a time. That is why we practice paperless confirmation. All you need is your phone, the Wonderfly app, and your purchase order.

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All good so far?

Then what are you waiting for? Download our app (click below) and start exploring!

Once you’ve downloaded the app, head over here to find out how to make your very first purchase.

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