Wonderfly on pitchIN - FAQs

Wonderfly on pitchIN – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Wonderfly on pitchIN – Frequently Asked Questions

The questions and answers listed on this post are provided on pitchIN’s official website. For more information regarding investing on pitchIN, visit the FAQ section here.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) How do I become an investor?
Simple. Simply log into pitchIN and register yourself using your full name and by providing pitchIN with your identity information. You may be required to provide more information such as your banking details when you actually make an investment.

2) What is equity crowdfunding?
Equity crowdfunding is an online mechanism for private companies to raise money from investors in exchange for equity (shares) in the company. In other words, investors give money to a business and receive ownership of a portion of that business

3) Is equity crowdfunding legal in Malaysia?
The Securities Commission made equity crowdfunding legal in Malaysia in 2015 but only through approved operators. pitchIN is approved by the Securities Commission to offer equity crowdfunding.

pitchIN is registered with the Securities Commission of Malaysia as a Recognized Market Operator (RMO) for the purpose of offering Equity Crowdfunding related services. You can also download the rules and guidelines in relation to Equity Crowdfunding by the Securities Commission of Malaysia.

4) Can I change my mind?
Investors will have a cooling-off period of six (6) business days.

5) Will I be able to sell my shares anytime I want?
Equity crowdfunding investments should be done with a long term view. It may be difficult to find buyers for your shares quickly. And you may have to find buyers yourself. We believe that eventually there will be a secondary market to trade these shares but until then be prepared to hang on to your investment for the long term.

6) What are the exit options for my investment?
When you invest in growing companies and startups, you are investing for the time when the company becomes large and you make an exit when there is an IPO or trade sale.

7) What will I receive for my investment?
In most cases, your investment will be consolidated together with other investors in a nominee company. The nominee company will then take the appropriate equity in the Issuer on your behalf.

8) What rights will I have?
All Issuers will prepare a Shareholders Agreement which will lay out how the company will be administered and managed as well as the rights of all investors. One Shareholders Agreement may differ from another on some points but essentially the agreement will protect your right to receive periodic management reports, financial reports and vote on major items. Investors will have access to these agreements before they invest.

9) Will I need to pay any fees?
Investors pay no fees when they make an investment. pitchIN charges Issuers a fee for successfully raising money through our platform.

10) What are the responsibilities of platform operators such as pitchIN?
Platform operators have to implement systems and processes that ensure protection of investors and public interest, the proper functioning of the market, promote fairness and transparency and manage any conflict of interest that may arise.


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