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You can now renew your Malaysian passport online!

How to renew your Malaysian passport online

As more countries are reopening their borders for tourists, a lot of us Malaysians are really excited to start travelling again! Everyone is booking flight tickets, accommodations, attractions, and all, but hold on… are your passports still active?

If your passports have expired, be sure to renew them earlier than your travel date! And you must be thinking it’s a hassle to go to the immigration counter, especially if you’re busy with work and all. Here’s the good news!

The Malaysian Immigration Department has announced that Malaysian passport renewals can now be done online from 11th May 2022! Yes, you don’t have to drive in traffic, find a parking spot and wait in line for hours šŸ˜€ All online appointments that have already been made with the immigration office are no longer valid as the Online Appointment System is abolished.

However, some cases will need you to renew your passports at your nearby immigration office.

  • First time getting a passport
  • Citizens who are above 60 years old
  • Children who are below 13 years old
  • Citizens who are going for Haji
  • Students aged 21 years old and below who are studying abroad
  • Those who have problems with fingerprints
  • Those who have lost or damaged their passports
  • Persons with Disabilities (PWD) / Orang Kurang Upaya (OKU)

how to renew your passport online malaysian wonderfly

Steps to renew your passport online

1. Go to the official immigration website here

2. Click ‘Setuju’ to continue

3. Fill in all the information needed in the MyOnline Passport form

  • No Dokumen is your passport number
  • No Pengenalan SemasaĀ is your IC number
  • Pejabat PungutanĀ isĀ to select the immigration office nearby that you can go to for collection purposes

4. Confirm all your details and you will also have to state whether your passport is in good condition/damaged/lost

5. At the last page, upload your current photo and make sure it follows the guidelines

Wear dark colours as the background will be white/bright. You can take the photo yourself using a tripod or someone to help you take the photo. To be safe, go to the nearest studio to take your passport photos.

Malaysian Passport Renewal Online

The passport photo guidelines

6. Make your payment to renew your passport.

How much is the fee to renew your passport?

If you are between 13 years old to 59 years old, you will need to pay RM200. If you are above 60 years old, kids below 12 years old, students below 21 years old or going for Haji, you will need to pay RM100. OKU citizens can renew their passports for free.

What is the payment method to renew your passport?

You can pay via FPX, Debit or Credit Card.

7. Once your application is completed, you will receive an email saying your passport is ready for collection. It is usually within 3 working days. You can pick up your passport at the chosen imgiration office. Please bring your IC and the payment receipt.

how to renew your passport online malaysian wonderfly immigration office

Immigration Offices Opening Hours

Since a lot of people are now travelling, the demand to renew passports have increased. Therefore, imigration officed have extended their opening hours.
  • KL, Putrajaya, Selangor, Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka: Monday to Friday, 7:30AM – 10PM
  • Penang, Kedah, Perak, Kelantan, Terengganu, Perlis: Monday to Friday, 7:30AM – 6PM
  • Urban Transformation Centres (UTCs) in Peninsular Malaysia: Monday to Friday, 8:30AM – 10PM, Saturday, 8AM – 1230PM
  • On Fridays, most offices are closed from 12:15PM to 2:45PM for Friday prayers

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